Koala Craft and Answering Questions in Writing

Here's a koala-riffic fact for you: Koalas can rotate their hind paws 180 degrees, allowing them to easily climb down trees headfirst! Also, they have two opposable thumbs and three other fingers, giving them a strong grasp! 

koala craft

Challenge your students to find out more about koalas and answer theses questions:
  1. What covers a koala's body?
  2. How does a koala stay healthy and safe?
  3. Where does a koala sleep?
After reading or looking at online sources, they can write about it. The pages in Set 6 of my Writing Worksheets pack are perfect! 

answering questions in kindergarten writing

dumbo octopus writing

Find a fast-prep koala craft for fine motor practice over in the Pond Coloring Club! Have your children paint, cut and thread paper strips through their craft for lots of opportunities to develop hand and finger strength!

koala fine motor activity

koala coloring page from the pond