Reading Corner Banner

Make your classroom reading corner cosy and inviting with a gorgeous classroom display banner. Creating beautiful spaces in the classroom can be practical, meaningful and set the tone for behavior, community and expectations in your space. 

Our classroom banners are an easy solution for making spaces in your classroom special. Each pack includes a range of pennant and accent options. Simply choose the ones you like and create your unique display. Just print, cut and clip to a line or string with clips, clothespins or pegs!

Our latest banner has just been released and is perfect to help celebrate a love of books and reading with your little learners. It has a butterfly 'reading give  you wings' message.

Included along with the letter pennants are
  • butterfly on books pennants
  • polka dot accent pennants
  • butterfly accent cut-outs
  • book pennants

The various designs also come in a 'backline' version - ask your students to shade or paint these before creating your classroom banner!

I have included a writing banner for students to draw or write on. When completed, you can add them to your display and incorporate the students work into your decoration! They will record a list of books they love.

Hop over to our store to find this new printable banner pack and we hope it brings joy to your classroom reading program!

Rainbow Art Projects

Friends, we would love to share with you today the steps to one of the drawings in our freshly-listed Rainbow World Directed Drawing pack!

This new pack includes 7 rainbow themed drawings and are just perfect for St Patrick's Day! After drawing, trace them with black sharpie and paint them with watercolors like we have done or choose the art medium of your liking. 

Let's do a Pot of Gold art project today! The page below is from the 'Big Drawing' page. For each drawing in the packet we have provided you with 4 alternative project options.

  • draw a pot 

  • draw some bumpy lines for gold

  • make the first arc

  • do 3 more arcs going down the page

  • another 3 arcs and a line across the base! 

We hope you love doing some rainbow art projects with your little ones and would love to see them on social media - tag us so we see them! 

If you are a VIP, you can find this new pack in the Exclusive Library today and if not, hop over to our store to find it newly-listed

Reading Simple Sentences

Challenging your kindergarten and first grade students to read simple sentences is a great way to encourage and facilitate an opportunity for them to demonstrate some of their emerging reading strategies. This new game of ours features short, simple sentences with a good range of sentence beginnings. 

Your little learners will read simple sentence cards and match them to pictures on their game mat to demonstrate their comprehension.

Whats included:
  • 6 easy-prep game mats (each feature 12 pictures)
  • sentence cards
  • follow-up sentence-writing worksheet
  • cover page for your organizational packets and folders

Students play by taking a sentence card and finding the matching position for it on their game board. They can play all 6 boards, reading a total of 72 simple sentences.

Hop over to our store to find this fast-prep and engaging activity for your readers.

Raindrop Arrays

Make multiplication fun and engaging with Raindrop Arrays! Laminate these fun activity cards to provide a motivating learning experience for your students with play dough and rhyme!

  • roll small play dough balls on the desk
  • flatten them and gently pinch them into raindrop shapes
  • say the simple rhyme (optional)
  • roll 2 dice to create an array from 1x1 up to 6x6
This activity is encouraging many dough skills that will help your students fine motor strength.

This packet includes 
  • 4 mats
  • blackline mat
  • 2 accompanying recording worksheets

You can also use these mats with math equipment like counters, buttons or small tokens.

Odd and Even Number Posters

We made some free Odd and Even Monster Posters for your classroom on an early blog post and refreshed them today to make them even better for you! 

They are over in our store now and the wonderful part about downloading from TpT is that the resources will always remain in your 'My Purchases' and if we update them again, you will get notified and have access to the revisions quickly and easily. 

I designed the monsters to reflect some key aspects of the odd/even concept. I also made the even monster quite symmetrical and the odd monster, a little different. 

This can help your little learners remember the even-ness of the even numbers!

These posters can be used
  • as an attractive classroom display
  • in combination with an enquiry into the concept of odd/even - talk about each monster's eyes and the pattern being formed
  • as activity cards - print 2 or 4 to a page to make a matching activity
  • as play dough mats - ask students to add eyeballs to model each number

They are FREE for you to use in your classroom or home learning space - enjoy! 
Find more ideas for teaching odd/even on our past blog posts HERE

5 Frogs on a Log

We had a request from one of our VIP members for a super-fast prep game for odd/even numbers to 10. Absolutely! Today we added Odd Frog to the Exclusive Library.

To play students:
  • take turns to flip a card
  • identify the number
  • determine if it is odd/even
  • build a set of 3 odd numbers
  • start again if they get a splash card!

The built-in number track will assist students who are still learning the concept of an odd number.

Before you play, why not read Five Green and Speckled Frogs. On each page look at the number of frogs and talk about odd/even numbers. If the frogs paired-off would they all have a partner? Would someone be left out? As the number of frogs change talk about subtraction as well as the pattern emerging as we switch from odd to even.

Here is an Amazon link to the book. If you click on this we may earn a small commission from your purchases.

In the Odd Frog game packet we have also included a cute math craft. Students can make a vertical number-track frog to show an odd number of their choice. 

Over in the Coloring Club you can find a free 5 Frogs on a Log coloring page! We'd absolutely love to see some of them completed - tag us on Instagram so we can see them!

And should you need some more engaging activities to complete after reading the book, we have a few over in the store!

We do hope your little ones love learning about odd and even numbers with these ideas and would love to have you as a VIP - find out more over on the website!

Directed Drawing for Kindergarten

Drawing is such a wonderful creative way for students to express themselves and begin their journey in writing. Starting with a picture, full of detail and expression can be a wonderful way for students to feel inspired to tell a great story.

Our youngest learners often need some encouragement to get started with their drawing. Our Directed Drawing packets provide you with drawing projects that can easily extend into detailed writing lessons. 

Today I would love to give you a sneaky peek into a project from our My Second Directed Drawing packet. Designed for the littlest of learners, this collection includes some basic drawings perfect for Kindergarten.

We did the 'big draw' page - which is perfect for creating an art project. Black marker and watercolor are our favorite.

  • First draw a rectangle vase.

  • Next draw 3 circles. 

  • Join the circles to the vase with some lines - these are stems!

  • Draw petals on the flowers. On the first flower, draw big wide petals. Jump, jump, jump around the circle. 

  • Practice smaller jumps by drawing smaller petals on the other 2 flowers. 

  • Do some loopy lines on the vase for decoration. These loops take lots of practice!

This flower vase is one of the drawings in our My Second Directed Drawing packet. There are 4 projects to choose from when you do this drawing - Big Draw, Classic Directed Draw, Draw and Write or Read, Draw, Write! It would look fantastic on a Mother's Day card too!

Hop over to TpT to find this fun collection. You'll be ready with a gorgeous art lesson in a flash!

We'd love to see some of your art projects - tag us on social media so we can love on them!

One Page Craft Pack 7

One Page Crafts provide a very practical way to prep an engaging creative lesson in a snap! We have just listed the 7th edition of our 'one page crafts'!'

Students color or paint their page before cutting and assembling the craft. Each craft will differ slightly in assembly procedures. Add crafty details, like felt, glitter, ribbon or cotton balls etc to make a more complex activity for your students.

The projects included are:
  1. 3D Cylinder Ladybug
  2. 3D Little House
  3. Double Decker Big Bus
  4. Cloudy Day
  5. Fuzzy Bee
  6. Pug Dog
  7. Valentine's Day Heart
  8. Whale
  9. Ice Cream Scoops
  10. Platypus
  11. Cool Pineapple
  12. Jellyfish
  13. Rocket
  14. Cookie Jar
  15. Snail
  16. Fire Truck
  17. Pretty Flowers
  18. 3D Cylinder Rabbit
  19. Chick in Pocket Egg
  20. Pot of Gold Rainbow 

The platypus may have to be our new favorite!

The fire truck provides for a challenge, but we've included a simple-shape option too for your little ones still developing scissor skills.

As an optional extension to the craft or art lesson I have included a collection of coordinating 'writing papers' so you can ask your students to complete a piece of writing that you may display with the craft. There are no words on each writing paper, which will allow you to create your own myriad of writing lessons!

3 different 'line' variations are provided in the writing papers file. A 'face' and 'no face' version of each craft are provided.

Sweet Coloring Pages

Did you know we have a Coloring Club? It's free to join and each week we add something new.

There are quite a few pages suitable for Valentine's Day including this Sweet Treat one! As well as coloring they are perfect for painting and decorating.

Have fun with them and tag us on social media, we'd love to see your work!

Head over to our website to find this page and many more!

Love Bug cvc Words

Get fluent with cvc words this February with our Love Bug cvc activity cards!

Your students will be engaged learning to write cvc words, ideal for individual students, small group rotations or fast-finishers.

Students take a card and write or build the cvc word.

Students will say the name of the picture, stretch it out to hear the sounds - e.g. c-a-t = cat. They can then write the word or make it with letter tiles or magnetic letters.

This game is perfect to play when your students have learned single sounds and are ready to make and sound-out words!

This file features

  • a teaching tips page
  • a detailed instruction sheet
  • 30 word cards
  • a follow-up worksheet
  • a cover page (for your organizational pockets and pouches)

The cute 'love bug' cars will make a great Valentine's Day themed activity - or use anytime through the year!

Find these easy-prep activity cards in our TpT store HERE