Rainbow Puzzle Game

We made a rainbow puzzle game today. I posted on Instagram in February how easy it was to use a Sharpie to put numbers on your rainbow 'combinations to 10' puzzle. 

Today we made it a little more challenging with removable numbers!

We printed out some numbers (see end of post for free download). Laminated, cut them and added a velcro spot to each. We also added velcro to the puzzle.

Now your sweeties can be in the driving seat and challenge themselves to remember where the numbers go, and how they are 'linked'. I am asking my sweetie to trace his finger along the rainbow path so he understands the symbolism of the rainbow and how one end of the arc is linked to the other.

You could also play with a dice, roll a number and find the combination.

Grab some printable numbers HERE to make your own. I've included a color and backline version. 

You might also like my rainbow addition pack from TpT to help explain the concept to your class!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

- Mel x


Heart Week Plan

I've added a new week plan to my office wall! You can add it to your teacher office, desk, planner, diary or folder too!

Find it in google drive HERE

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More Fun Worksheets {Bundle Update}

Friends - happy weekend! I just wanted to stop in quickly and let you know that 3 new worksheets have been added to my growing bundle! 

A writing page to get your kiddos to learn more about bees!

A 'Best of This Year' poster page for students to write or draw about their school year. 

And an addition house (full packet of these coming soon) to review addition facts to 20. 

If you have the bundle, find the updates ready and waiting for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Mel x

Bear Week Planner

I shared this cutie on my Instagram today and wanted to give you a chance to download it from google drive HERE

Use it near your desk, on your desk, in your planner or diary. Write your goals, plans, notes or special treats you have planned for the week!

Who says organization has to be boring?!

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Pick Me Flower Name Chooser

Make an adorable 'pick me' flower pot for your classroom and get your students excited about being chosen for a special job or task.

I have included 14 flowers in both 'fun face' and 'plain' versions. 
A backline option is also provided.

Once printed, simply write the names of your students on the stem, laminate for durability, stick to a craft stick or drinking straw (for stability) and pop them in a plant pot. 

Your students will love the surprise of who is going to be 'picked' next! 

I have a second plant pot next to the first, so that 'used' names can sit alongside and wait for the others to have a turn. I you prefer the surprise element, keep them all in the one pot and take the risk that some students may miss out and others will have multiple turns.

Find these printables in my TpT store!

- Mel x

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, friends. 
I should have eaten peas today. And other green things.
But I ate far too much chocolate and delicious sweet things.

See you again soon, thanks so much for popping on by

- Mel x

Math Pack #7 {New Release}

My Math Activity Pack #7 has just been released and is packed with fun and skills based learning. 

These five activities will support your regular classroom learning program. They provide an opportunity for students to engage with the content and skills you have presented and explained in your whole group lessons. 

Little ones love getting stuck into their learning and actively constructing their understanding. To do that, they need to be 'doing' and they need activities at their level. 

The focus for Pack #7 is on number order and relative position of numbers 0-10. 

It includes:

1. Next and Before
Students will identify numbers immediately before and after a given number.

2. Numberpillar
Students will write numbers to complete a 3-digit sequence from various starting positions.

3. Before and After
This activity is a great one to start your week with and will help students conceptualise the position of 'before' and 'after' through looking at real life scenarios. 

4. Super Number
This game will get students making 3-digit sequences that focus on before and after.

5. Number Zoom
In this game, students will need to order number horizontally and identify numbers that come 'after'. 

Pack #7 is in my TpT store HERE

You may be interested in my other Math Activity Packs to help sequence your small group learning. 

Find them in my TpT store:

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- Mel x

Less=More #3

This is the third post in my little series to help you explore the concept of less=more.

In keeping with the philosophy, I am going to keep this post and tip, very brief.

If you can:

  • do less
  • have less
  • need less
you will have

  • more time
  • more energy
  • more resources
for YOU and your students or family!

Lesson #3 - one

What repetitive routines in your life can you minimise and do just once?

Here is one example. 'Tidy up' in my household is something I could do all day. In fact, I think there was a time in my life when it did.

Now, we do it once a day. The sweeties help me and we race around the main living areas quickly collecting items that are out of place. We put them in a central location, our kitchen/breakfast bench.

Here is a sneak peek. Toys, books, papers - the usual.

Once everything is cleaned up, we meet at the table.

Rubbish is gathered first and thrown out. Clothing is taken to the laundry basket if needed. Books are sorted and batched and taken to the correct shelf.

And so it goes - sorting and packing away in batches.

It. Saves. So. Much. Time.

And is almost fun for the sweeties. It also makes you more relaxed about putting up with a little 'chaos' and mess through the day if you know that you have a tidy-up routine which is easier and faster.

Now, you can easily apply this to all areas of your classroom and school life as well as other domestic areas.

You will do less work and gain more time, I promise!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I look forward to sharing more things that have worked for me to make more from less over the coming weeks.

FREE Mother's Day Poster

A couple of weeks ago I sent an exclusive freebie to my newsletter subscribers - a printable Mother's Day Poster!

Your sweeties will love drawing or writing about the 'best mom/mum in the world'! Laminate them to send home as a lovely keepsake to treasure.

To celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Day I am offering it here on my blog as well! Find it in google drive here: Mother's Day World's Best Mom Poster

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Have a wonderful day - and as always, I appreciate you so much!

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Cake Wall Weekly Freebie

I have a new menagerie of bits and pieces on my desk wall this week, including a cake-shaped week planner to jot down cake baking ingredients serious ideas and whatnot.

Random tidbit -when I came home from hospital with my beautiful baby boy 5 years ago I was in a cake-baking frenzy. It really took over me quite completely. I baked a full cake each day and was on a mission to perfect as many recipes as possible. I think it lasted about 3 months and I am still walking off the sweet consequence. 
Strange and beautiful memory all wrapped up in one. 
I am hoping to get something baked for Sunday (Mother's Day) to enjoy with the family. 

If you would like the planner for your wall, or diary or planner - or classroom click HERE to find it in Google Dive. 

Thanks so much for stopping by - have a lovely Monday! 

- Mel x

New Clipart

Hi friends!

I've added a bunch of new clipart store and they have just-released discounts that you do not want to miss!

1. Build Another Caterpillar will give you a stack of creative choices and add some fun to your classroom:

2. A new Edge It Bundle! This is bundle #11 and I think it might just be my new favorite. It includes sets 61-65. 

3. I have started a 'Rainbow Math Bundle' to give you a treasure trove of math manipulative clipart to coordinate with your 'Rainbow Club' sets! 

4. And if you just cant get enough rainbow - a new Rainbow Edge It Bundle! #5 includes sets 21-25 and will be sure to add 'just enough' to the edges of your next resource!

5. A much requested set is my finally-done '3D Shapies'. These will coordinate with the 2D set and be sure to get your kiddos happy about geometry!

6. For the scrappy-at-heart, there is a new label set. 

7. And some more robot cuteness!

8. A touch of scrappiness is all it takes to take a resource to the next level sometimes, and scrappy round frames are a versatile addition to your creative stockpile! 

You will love Set #6 

and #7!

Thank you so much for you all kindness and support - and for giving me a reason to stay creative and inspired!

- Mel x

Super Awards

My little Sam had his kindergarten readiness assessment today {insert many tears - mine - how can he be almost-school-age?!}

Anyhow, he had a super fun time and we went to the shops afterwards for a little Lego prize for being so brave!

While at K. Mart we found some awesome $5 superhero capes! Hello! We love fun dress ups! Kiddos in my classes have always loved wearing a cape for a day or session as a reward for various things. I've had writing wizards, super spellers, reading chiefs and various others. 

I've made a set of awards that you can combine with these capes, or to use on their own. You can use them for 'super effort' in any area!

Find them for FREE in my TpT store HERE

You might also like to check out my blog post on having a Writing Wizard to encourage effort in writing - find it HERE

Have a wonderful day!

- Mel x