Rainbow 10 Facts

And that is OK. So they say.

Actually, chances are you may find today pretty awful and all. If you see awful, that is. 

Or if you get all prickly and scrunchy-in-the-face about things. 
Look for rainbows, I say. 

Or maybe just for new pens that can color some rainbows. Good compromise. 

I listed a new banner in my TpT store that will help you see rainbows in your classroom. 
And consolidate 'friends of ten'. 

There are all sorts of goodies in this packet. A backline version, as well as colored. 
Blank rainbow pennants. Yippee! You could make 'friends of 925' with those! If you are so inclined. 
AND a printable backline student pennant. Your sweeties can color their own rainbow with appropriately numbered sections to represent the addition-fact-combinations. 

It is on sale this weekend, in my TpT store! 

Thanks so much for stopping by - you are awesome!

Word Families

I love making learning fun and some simple carefully designed, engaging worksheets can achieve just that! 

A few years ago I shared a cat themed 'at' page for the 'at' word family, on a blog post  HERE
I had a few requests for more to cover other word families. It has been on my to-do list for a while, but is finally finished!

You can integrate these into your existing programs and use them for an eye-catching classroom display or class made book!

31 word families are included:

- ab (cab)

- ad (pad)

- ag (bag)

- am (jam)

- an (van)
- ap (cap)
- at (cat)
- ax (fax)
- ib (bib)
- id (kid)
- ig (pig)
- in (bin)
- ip (lip)
- it (kit)
- ix (six)
- ob (cob)
- od (pod)
- og (dog)
- op (top)
- ot (pot)
- ox (fix)
- ub (tub)
- ug (jug)
- ud (mud)
- um (gum)
- un (sun)
- ut (hut)
- ed (bed)
- eg (leg)
- en (hen)
- et (net) 

Download the free 'Cat - at' page HERE to try and head over to TpT to find the packet on sale today!

Free Bunny Coloring Page

You may have followed my sketching today through my instagram story.

I created a printable coloring page so you can get your sweeties to color or paint their own bunny too.

It's waiting for you over in the  Pond Coloring Club .

Along with a free newsletter subscription (unsubscribe at anytime) you have easy continual access to this and all future free coloring pages I make.

It's really fast and easy to sign up.

We'd also love to see and share some of your amazing coloring projects too - just use #pondcoloringclub on social media so we can find you!

Skip Count Houses

 Making a Skip Count House is a fun way to review the patterns in skip counting and is a fun way to make boring repeated practice more engaging!

Instead of a cut and paste craft, your students can alternatively color a poster after writing the target numbers in with a bright marker!

Find this new printable packet in my TpT store by clicking on the image below:

Ugly Cat

A doodle-a-day challenge had me drawing an ugly cat today.

So much fun, as I normally have unicorns, rainbows and cupcakes on my mind.

It reminded me of an ugly, shrivelled, hagged old cat that used to slink around the corner of a building I used to live in.

It used to snarl scratchy, mean, feeble attempts of intimidation when any pretty little bird floated by. 

Man, how everyone pitied that ugly old pathetic cat.

It got uglier the more it snarled. 

At first we were a bit intimidated by its dark presence. Next we just laughed at it - and the dirty little critters that clung to its stinky fur.

Then it just all got a bit sad really. Everyone prayed it would leave the neighbourhood and find a place where it would belong. 

I moved away so don't know the details, but I've heard it is still prowling around.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rather partial to a little ugly-cute..... but I just pray that poor old thing can find some love to brighten up those beady little cadaverous eyes.

And I hope rainbow is next on the drawing agenda!


Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends!

We had a very ordinary takeout meal tonight, as I 'hit the wall' when I got home from work and could not even stand let alone cook.

Loving what you do can be exhausting sometimes.

Compound Words Starfish

Have fun learning about compound words with this paper craft starfish!

Students can record the process of joining two words together with "star" and "fish" and also record more compound words on the water.

If you have my Paper Craft Collection bundle, this new addition has been uploaded to the folder! 

Have a fantastic day friends!

Write Like a Pineapple

Find these fun pineapple eraser pencil toppers at K.Mart

Pop them on a pencil.

Add a little reminder to 'write like a pineapple'!

Simple, engaging and lots of fun! 

Find the free download HERE

Think ... or not

I chat to my sister a bit - on the phone. When we are each hiding from our sweeties (our respective at-home sweeties, not school sweeties). In the wardrobe. With the chocolate. Where it is quiet. Without the sweeties. 

Anyhoooo - we have a bit of a recurring conversation. 

It goes a bit like this.

Sister #1:Hey, remember when we were little, and we were running through the house, and I/you/we did *** {insert really scatterbrained crazy silly only-a-bored-1980s-kid-could-do thing here}? 
Sister #2: Yep, bwhahahahahahah
Sister #1: Yeah.......... um, what were we thinking?.... No, truly, WTH were we thinking?
Sister #2: We just weren't. 

The absolute magnitude of things children DON'T think about is mind boggling. And it is a bit beautiful all at the same time. I mean, do they even know the thinking-ness of thought yet?!

I could have spent thousands of hours over my career and life, telling children to think before they speak. Most won't. 

We talk a lot about grace instead. About forgiveness. About not expecting perfection. About beautiful people making mistakes. And it's all OK. 

{bullying aside}

And then we blow hot air into our cupped hands. And feel it. And open them and let the air go. Drift away. 

And then we feel our vocal cords vibrating as we hum and talk about air with sound. 
And we learn that a word is just hot air with vocal cords mixed in. 
And we say a word and "watch" it disappear - with no power over us at all.

And then we promise that all the drama about the hot-air will stop, so you know, we can learn. 


Is It Bugging You?

I drew some bugs (you may have followed the progress on my Instagram story) this weekend and made a coloring page for you to download! 

Download it from Google Drive HERE

Doubling 3 Digit Numbers

A new fun math center has been added to our collection on TpT!

Learners will love using dry erase markers to record 3-digit 'doubles' and furthermore, demonstrate their understanding of place value.

If you have the 'growing bundle' of 3-digit number games, it has been added to the folder!

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We all need to shelter under the happiness of a rainbow every now and then. 

And perhaps in time, take a turn of casting the rainbow out for others. 

Schools are very busy places and storms hide in corners and pop out occasionally.  Opinions are a plenty. They will drip, drip, drip-drop down or suddenly gain momentum and torrent down in bucket loads. 

You have two choices, standing there all alone, shivering and dripping wet. You can think about the soggy wet negative drab saturation-of-predictability 


pop your umbrella up and start looking for the rainbows.

Better yet, if you can't find one, you might just have to be one.