Funny Pumpkin Wallpaper Screensaver

I added some sweet pumpkin goodness to my teacher home office today! 

If you have not noticed, I am rather partial to creating a space where I love to be.

I've printed and hung pennants from my printable pumpkin banner packet and made a digital wallpaper for my screens - computer and phone. 

I'd love to share this pumpkin screensaver with you. Simply download the images from google drive from the links below. Store them on your camera roll and choose them for your screen saver and/or wallpaper!

Find the Computer Screensaver HERE

and the Phone Screensaver HERE

{These are for your personal use only and cannot be redistributed or shared}

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I am off to delight in my freshly updated space and get creative!

Have a lovely day sweet friends.

- Mel x

Big Shape Tracing Revision

My A-Z Big Shape Tracing packet has doubled in size. This little favorite now offers two tracing  picture pages for every letter of the alphabet!

Working on 'big shapes' is a great activity to practice before you start learning letters. After big shapes, work on 'handwriting pattern lines'. 

My packets incorporate both! If it is too much tracing for your little learners, just do the big shape and shade over the pattern - no problem. 

In the newly revised version, I've included a page that you can use to turn your worksheets into a workbooklet. Everyone loves a workbooklet. 

Every letter now has two pictures.

For 'c' I've included 'cactus' and 'carrot'. 

My little man Sam was eager to try this activity when he spied me prepping these samples. Lucky I had anticipated this and printed 2 copies. 

We used watercolours and crayon - but you could use pencils, markers or even glitter pens! 

Hop over to this past post to find this pumpkin page FREE in google drive!

- Mel x

Fall Match - an Alphabet Game

Hop over to my TpT store to find this free printable alphabet game that also helps visual discrimination!

It is a game or center ideal for a small group or pair of players.

Students take a game mat and look at the pictures and letters. They find cards that match and place them over the top. 

 Alternatively, students could take turns to see which player finishes their board first. 

Lots of great learning fun! 

This game is perfect to play when your students are first learning to read and need visual discrimination practice. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends, find more resources for autumn/fall HERE

- Mel x

Printable Bulletin Board Letters

Have your students make unique and creative bulletin board messages for the classroom with these versatile printable letters!

Use them to make any message, sign, heading or letter display.

Have your students color or paint them or print them on bright paper like I have. 

I have included an upper and lower case letter for each letter and also numbers 0-9.

Head over to TpT to find this freebie in my store.

Have a fantastic day friends!

- Mel x

Telling Time Mathtivity

Learning how to tell the time can be a long process. Teaching it requires bucket loads of patience. My best advice is to plan for many, many lessons. And add a lot of fun!

 Combine a lesson on time {analog clock} with craft and creativity with  my clock flower mathtivity!

This packet will provide you with template pieces to make a cute 'flower clock' to help your students explore and understand the hour and minute hand.

They will draw the numbers on the clock and create a time to record on the leaves.  

A 'completed' clock face is provided should you wish to omit the cut and glue component. 

These pieces can be printed on color paper, or print them on white paper and ask your students to shade them

Find the printable pages for this activity (which makes a pretty amazing bulletin board display) over in my TpT store!

Have a lovely day friends!

- Mel x

Alphabet Directed Drawing

We love directed drawing and our very popular Alphabet Directed Drawing will help you integrate 'alphabet' and letter themed learning with writing and art.

Updated Packet

Our Alphabet Directed Drawing packet has doubled in size and value!

Why Directed Drawing?

Directed drawing allows young students to feel successful on their journey learning to draw and helps to motivate their writing.
Quite often teaching children to draw will be a springboard to enthusiastic attempts to write and engage in more paper based communication.

What is included in our packets

For each drawing in our directed drawing packets, you can select from one of 4 projects:

  1. The Classic Directed Drawing has the steps and room provided for students to simply draw, following the steps.
  2. Big Draw provides the steps on one page, and a page sized, bordered worksheet for students to create a large artwork. 
  3. Draw and Write has a blank space for students to draw (using the separate page of steps) and a few lines to write a sentence or two. 
  4. The "Read, Draw, Write" style worksheet encourages students to read the word in the word bank, follow the directed steps to draw a picture (and they may add additional drawings) and then lines are provided for students to write about their picture or the topic. In this alphabet version, the word bank is just one word.

If you pop back to this post, you can snag a free sample to try with your kiddos!

Thank you so much for stopping by - have a lovely day!

Stop! Before you Laminate...

I've been prepping some math games, centers and activities from our newly listed Numbers to 30 Ultimate Pack. I want to share some tips for you to consider the next time you have sit down to laminate.

Most of my 'print and play' games come with a few standard page types.

1. File Cover 
(not necessary to print, loaded with color)

2. Game cards and Mats 
(optimal use of color, easy-cut pieces where possible)

4. Game Instructions
(step by step, how to play the game in detail)

4. Recording or Follow-up Worksheet
(this gives your fast-finishing kids something to do while other groups are still working)

5. Cover Page
(quick overview of content and focus, minimal color)

Before you start to laminate - I suggest isolating these 3 pages:

1. Cover Page
2. Game Instructions
3. Worksheet

Place the worksheet behind the cover page and laminate back-to-back. This becomes your master copy. It is secured with the details of the activity and will not be lost. 

I suggest laminating the page as a whole and then cutting - but I know that some teachers prefer to cut first and then laminate. Where possible I use 'shared cutting lines' to minimise the cutting strokes you need to make when prepping the pieces. 

Always check the setting buttons on your laminator to make sure you have selected the temperature that is optimal for the thickness of your laminate.

I place 
  • game cards, 
  • instructions, 
  • multiple copies of the worksheet on paper
  • cover page / worksheet master copy
together in a clear plastic document wallet. The ones I use are called Compact Wallets - they do not have buttons, zippers or clasps and I can fit A LOT of them in my filing cabinet because they sit flush next to each other.

Having a little system like this makes your prep more streamlined and your teaching more organized and efficient. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends! Take care and happy laminating! 

- Mel x

Apple Writing Paper Printables

A few years back I shared some apple writing paper for you to use in the classroom or at home. You can utilise them in any writing activity and I've included a few styles to choose from. 

You can ask your students to use pencils, crayons or markers to decorate!

Tell your students to use the darker solid line to focus the base of their letters on. 

The file now includes 3 papers (originally 2) - so head over to TpT and re-download if it is still something you can use!

Thanks so much for all your support friends, I appreciate you so much!

- Mel x

Apple Emergent Reader

An apple themed emergent reader was added to the big bundle today!

Simply print and copy the pages in this file to create little emergent readers for your students.

Students will need to read the text on each page and then cut/glue the matching picture. 

The pictures are on a separate worksheet and students can color them, easily cut the rectangle around each picture and paste it into position on the page.

It is also in our TpT store as an individual listing. 

Find more Apple Classroom Ideas here on the blog!

An Apple a Day Screen Wallpaper

I'd love to share a fresh new apple themed screen wallpaper with you today. 

I've had some questions about the fonts I've used in previous papers - this one is Janda Polkadot - a KG font. They're all so beautiful choosing one is the only difficult part of getting these ready each week!

You can find these images (for your home and personal use only) in Google drive. Simply save them and use them as the image for your screen background/wallpaper. 

Computer HERE

Phone HERE

Have a great day friends!

- Mel x

Phone HERE

Apple Directed Drawing

Follow these easy steps to create a fun apple friend artwork! 

1. Draw a line that looks like a capital C.

2. Do the same on the other side, in reverse.

3. Draw two short lines at the top from one point.

4. Draw a curved line from the center.

5. And join in up to make a leaf! Draw a line at the base that comes from the center and goes all the way to the ground!

6. Draw a baseline for the ground .

7. Draw two shorted lines ..... almost to the ground!

8. Join them up with a line that jumps!

9. Draw eyes and a mouth.

10. Two stick arms now. 

11. And some hands in the air. 

12. Color and decorate how you please. 

If you would like to take the steps with you, download this printable from google drive:

Hop on over to my TpT store if you would like even more fun drawing projects to engage and motivate your little artists and writers!

Have a wonderful day friends!

- Mel x