Apple Directed Drawing

Follow these easy steps to create a fun apple friend artwork! 

1. Draw a line that looks like a capital C.

2. Do the same on the other side, in reverse.

3. Draw two short lines at the top from one point.

4. Draw a curved line from the center.

5. And join in up to make a leaf! Draw a line at the base that comes from the center and goes all the way to the ground!

6. Draw a baseline for the ground .

7. Draw two shorted lines ..... almost to the ground!

8. Join them up with a line that jumps!

9. Draw eyes and a mouth.

10. Two stick arms now. 

11. And some hands in the air. 

12. Color and decorate how you please. 

If you would like to take the steps with you, download this printable from google drive:

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Have a wonderful day friends!

- Mel x