Apple Directed Drawing

Cute Apple Drawing and Art Project for Kids

I'd love to show you how to draw a little Apple Friend today! Follow the photos step by step or print out the directions at the base of this post. You can draw and then color or paint your beautiful autumn art project!
  • to start, gather some paper and a marker or pen
Apple Drawing for Kids
  • draw half the apple in the shape of a big capital C
Apple Art
  • join the other side up with another C in reverse
Apple Painting for Kids
  • draw the ground for him to stand on
Autumn Art Class
  • draw one line coming down the middle and 2 shorter lines angled to the side
Fall Art Project
  • make feet for our Apple Friend with a line that jumps down from the short line to the ground
Fall Art for Kids
  • draw a triangle stalk
Apple Friend Directed Drawing From the Pond
  • draw a leaf
Apple Art Lesson
  • draw squinty eyes and a mouth
Autumn Apple Art Lesson

Apple Art Lesson
  • Add some stick arms and hands in the air. 
Apple Art Lesson
  • Additional features may be added like the sun, clouds, flowers or insects.
Apple Drawing For Kids
  • Color and decorate how you please - we used watercolor and marker.
Cute Apple Art Lesson

Apple Art project For Kids

If you would like to take the steps with you, find this printable from our store!

We know our fun drawing projects will engage and motivate your little artists and writers!