Telling Time Mathtivity

telling time craft

Telling Time Math Craft

Learning how to tell the time can be a long process. Teaching it requires bucket loads of patience. My best advice is to plan for many, many lessons. And add a lot of fun!

 Combine a lesson on time {analog clock} with craft and creativity with  my clock flower mathtivity!

Flower Clock Classroom Display

They look gorgeous up on display - create a garden of time! Perhaps you may like to plan to complete this activity over several sessions so that your little learners can get your support and patience. 

This packet will provide you with template pieces to make a cute 'flower clock' to help your students explore and understand the hour and minute hand.

They will draw the numbers on the clock and create a time to record on the leaves.  

A 'completed' clock face is provided should you wish to omit the cut and glue component. 

These pieces can be printed on color paper, or print them on white paper and ask your students to shade them

Find the printable pages for this activity (which makes a pretty amazing bulletin board display) over in my TpT store!

More Ideas for Telling Time

If you're looking for more ideas for helping students learn to tell the time, take a peek at these:

No prep ideas for learning about time

  • ask students to compare an hour in the classroom to an hour at break/play - make a list of what they do and how they spend their time
  • make a list of things that take an hour to complete
  • set an alarm for an hour, ask students to raise their hand or signal when they think the hour is up
  • make a class book of drawings or sentences of familiar events and experiences that take an hour
  • complete a class activity that takes an hour
  • talk about things that take longer than an hour