Easter Bunny Directed Drawing

We know your little ones will love drawing and painting the Easter Bunny! Follow the steps below with them to create gorgeous bright and happy art projects for your classroom or learning space. 

Steps to draw an easter bunny

  • Draw a hill and two lines for Bunny's body.

  • Draw a tail and an oval head.

  • Draw ears, tummy and inner ears.

  • Draw a face!

  • Draw whiskers and eggs around Bunny and rolling down the hill.

  • Draw some arms, patterns on the eggs and some grass.

  • Draw some loopy lines between the eggs and flowers on the hill. 

  • Use paints or crayons to color your drawing. Outline in black marker. 

  • Use oil pastel or crayon to add extra detail!

We hope you love making gorgeous and happy Easter Bunnies for your classroom.

Watch the video below:

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