Rules for the Classroom

Classroom rules can make children feel safe and contribute to a respectful learning community. A well managed learning space helps give students predictability and eventually ownership over their learning. When they know clearly what is expected of them, they can settle in and get busy learning.
Rules for the Classroom

We have 6 rules that are perfect for your classroom or learning space:
  1. listen
  2. be nice
  3. try hard
  4. be safe
  5. share
  6. care
Printable Classroom Rules
They are concise and practical. They encompass with simplicity, a vast array of expectations for the classroom. Just about everything will fit within one of our six 'simple' rules. For example, if you have an expectation that students walk in the room (not run), this will fit with the 'be safe' rule.

In our printable resource pack, you can edit the text to create rules of your own too!

Class Rules

Rules for the Classroom
We've provided 3 options for you to display:
  1. large page sized class rules posters (see photos above)
  2. a all-on-one page poster
  3. half page size class rule cards - create a vertical display (see below)
Kindergarten Rules

You can find these poster printables in our pack over at TpT along with a student workbook. Ask your students to draw and write how they demonstrate the each of the rules after you've talked to them about your expectations.

Please note that the big stick kid classroom accents in these photos come from this pack over at TpT