Cute Piggy Art Project

Pig Art Project

This little piggy.....

We had so much fun drawing and painting some cute little pigs in our creative space recently and would just love to share the steps with you so you can draw one too!

Here is how ours finished up after giving them a quick slick of watercolor. We wanted the color to be bright, fresh and applied with fast fresh spring-like strokes!

Pig Art Project

Pig Art Project

Steps to draw a cute little piggy

  1. Draw the head - a big circle.
  2. Draw the ears - wide at the base and  pointy at the top. At 11 and 1 o clock.
  3. Draw a rounded rectangular snout. 
  4. Draw 2 big oval nostrils!
  5. Draw eyes and a smile. 
  6. Draw a body - 2 lines down to the base then across to join up.
  7. Draw legs and arms. 
  8. Draw lines across arms and legs to create trotters.
  9. And of course, a curly swirly tail! 
We do hope you get a chance to do some cute little piggy drawings too.

We have printable pages available for purchase in our store if you'd like them - they include writing papers for your students to create a sentence or short story.

cute pig drawing