Christmas Coloring Posters to Encourage and Motivate

Encourage and motivate your learners with some growth mindset style messages of motivation and inspiration this Christmas with our Color Create Motivate poster set. 

Use the designs included or ask your students to develop their own positive messages and phrases with the 'wordless' versions!

Here is a close up of the posters:

Be Jolly

Be Merry and Bright 

Be as Original as a Snowflake 

Bright and Happy

Don't stop believing  

Give, give, give 

Have a Merry Little Christmas

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho 

Joy to the World 

Peace, love, hope 

Shine, shine, shine

We have snow much fun 

If you love coloring, you might like to check out our Coloring Club over on the website! We recently added some Christmas designs for your little ones (or you!) to enjoy!

We hop your learning space is filled with joy, laughter and positivity this week - enjoy the festivity and be kind to yourself too!

Bear Coloring Pages

Christmas Bear Coloring Page Free

Have you been over to our website to check out the Coloring Club? It started because I had a huge number of lovely fans who tuned in every Saturday over on Instagram to watch me draw. So many of them wanted my illustrations to color - themselves or for their little ones. We've also shared coloring pages here on our blog since it started. 

I wanted to show you the pages I drew (and Brett added to the library) yesterday! Also, remind you that it is free to join the club

Coloring Page Christmas Bear Free

I drew a Christmas bear and a family of three bears!

3 Bears Coloring Page Free

Speaking of bears, I have a post back HERE for a lovely book called Three Bears.

Teddy Bear Coloring Page Free

Do you have an idea for my next coloring page? Don't hesitate to let us know. I'll be back soon to share a favorite bear book of ours and some more teaching ideas. 

Penguin Predicting!

I found a book that was perfect to explore the comprehension strategy of 'predicting' this week - Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. The title itself evokes natural curiosity and prediction. 

Model for your students one of the strategies good readers utilize - prediction. What could be lost? How is it found? What does the picture tell us? What do you know about penguins already?

The story opens with yet another perfect prediction opportunity presented:
Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door.

Challenge your students to think about what they think
  • why is the penguin at the door
  • what will happen next
This book unfolds to convey the importance of friendship. It explores themes of sympathy, companionship, discovery, perseverance, communication and teamwork.

Our little penguin does not do any talking, so the book continues with multiple opportunities to explore prediction. Penguin and friend (unnamed boy in story) develop a friendship and journey together with limited direct communication. Much needs to be inferred between them. Ask your students to journey back through the text and consider how things might have been different with some direct speech within the text. Take a page from the book and record suggestions from students, onto chart paper, of direct speech between penguin and friend. Show students how to use speech marks. 

If you are keen to read this fabulous book to your little learners, find it using our Amazon Affiliate link: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

I've made a worksheet to accompany a lesson on the 'predicting' comprehension strategy. You can find it, along with the penguin poster directly in google drive: Penguin Predicting Poster and Worksheet.

And just in case you missed my story on Instagram, I added a penguin coloring page to our club on the weekend. It's free too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - if you are on our email list, stay tuned for a penguin freebie coming to your inbox very soon!

Easy Cute Penguin Craft

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

This weekend we raided the craft cupboard for supplies and made this super easy - and very cute - penguin! We had just read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (another blog post coming later this week) and wanted to accompany our reading with some creative work.

Would you like to make one too? 

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • black card stock (we just freehand cut a penguin shape)
  • white paper doily
  • orange card stock hearts (we used a craft stamp/cutter)
  • orange card stock triangle for beak
  • red card stock hat (we freehand cut)
  • sequin (we used a green flower shape)
  • craft ribbon bow (if you do not have, just tie a bow with ribbon) 
  • Glue - white PVA or craft glue
  • Googly eyes

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

How to make a cute craft penguin:

1. Cut the penguin shape from black card and glue paper doily into position.

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

2. Glue the hat onto the top of the penguin.

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

3. Glue the googly eyes onto the head. 

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

4. Glue the beak onto the head and overlapping the white doily tummy. Glue the heart shaped feet onto the bottom.

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

5. Attach a ribbon bow! 

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

If you are a Pond VIP you will notice I've added a template to the permanent library should you like to make a paper version of our cute little penguin! 

Cute Easy Penguin Craft For Kids

We do hope you love getting crafty and having fun with your own penguin shapes! We will see you again later this week for a post about one of our new favorite penguin books!

Coloring Pages

Free Coloring Pages

Did you know we have a Coloring Club? It started because I had a huge number of lovely fans who tuned in every Saturday over on Instagram to watch me draw. So many of them wanted my illustrations to color - themselves or for their little ones. We've also shared coloring pages here on our blog since it started. 

We have some posts coming soon that will give you lots of ideas for how to use the pages creatively and in an educational context - but for the most part they are just fun!

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today and remind you that it is free to join the club if you have not already done so. 

Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Christmas Coloring Page

Crooked Little Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Elf Coloring Page 

Elf Coloring Page

Smile (with thought bubbles) Coloring Page 

Smiling Girl Thought Bubbles Coloring Page

Gingerbread Man Coloring Page 

Gingerbread Man Coloring Page

Mouse Coloring Page 

Mouse Coloring Page

Penguin Coloring Page 

Penguin Coloring Page

Penguin Parade Coloring Page

Penguin Coloring Page

Santa Coloring Page 

Santa Coloring Page

We add new pages to the club each week and would love to have you join us - head over to our website to read all about it!

Free Coloring Pages

Growth Mindset On Display

Helping develop a positive, motivating or growth mindset in your classroom can be fun, creative and visual with our Color Create Motivate series of posters!

Simply print from the range of posters we provide and get your students to join your classroom decoration design team!

Positive messages in the classroom

The messages in Set 2 are uplifting and will encourage your students to think positively. They include:
  • Yes you can
  • Your smile will change someone's day
  • Find the happy in today
  • Your thoughts are seeds
  • Be brave
  • Be thankful
  • Working on hard things will make you strong
  • You can always smile
  • Believe in you
  • You can and you will
  • Dream every day
  • Read, know, learn

Students being creative

We have also included the 12 posters in a 'word free' version so that you can ask your students to create their own 'word art' and motivational messages!

Switch your classroom posters out often for maximum impact. If students help create them, they will notice them, internalize the messages and engage with them.

Here are some of our favorites included in the set:


Hop over to our TpT resource store to find this printable packet for sale:

We made a special bonus coloring poster for Christmas, just for you!

Find it in Google Drive ready for coloring - Merry Everything and a Happy Always Coloring Poster