School Bus Directed Drawing

Drawing pictures in the first days and weeks of school is always a wonderful way for students to settle in and also help decorate their learning space.

Today I wanted to share a school bus directed drawing project with you. Easily incorporate it into a broader art activity by:
  • encouraging students to extend the picture by adding extra details
  • using art quality large paper
  • using paint, oil pastel or water colors

Directed Drawing Helps Students

Learning to draw helps students become more creative and gives them confidence for writing activities. It helps build skills that will enable them to express themselves more confidently and creatively in the older years.

Here are the free steps to follow to draw our cute school bus from right here on the blog (a printable version is for sale in our store too).

After outlining in crayon, you could let your student paint with watercolor or bright poster paint.

Find the printable pages, with writing papers, over in our store:

This printable pack includes the project in 4 styles. These styles are repeated through every directed drawing printable we make.

Classic Draw

Our classic directed drawing is in a style that has been used traditionally for drawing activities. It has the steps and drawing space provided on the same page for students to simply draw, with guidance.

Big Draw

Big Draw is photographed here on our blog today and provides the steps on one page, and a page sized, bordered worksheet for students to create a large artwork.

Draw and Write

We created Draw and Write after we had made a few packets in our series. It has a blank space for students to draw (using the separate page of steps) and a few lines to write a sentence or two. Great for early emergent writers.

Read, Draw, Write

With more room for writing, we created this style worksheet to encourage students to use a word bank to stimulate ideas for writing. They follow the directed steps to draw a picture and then write a sentence or two about their picture or the topic.

Your students will love completing more drawings and painting throughout the year, find our growing collection over on our resource page!

Bus Bulletin Board

We are also rolling back to 2016 to show you our 'display in a day' set for creating a bus themed door, window, hall or bulletin board.

This set has blackline options. We have seen quite a few teachers just have their students paint a bus cutie of these to create a display rather than having them draw one.

We hope you love bringing some drawing and creative joy to your classroom this back-to-school and are so glad you stopped by the blog. Have a wonderful day!