Big Shape Tracing Revision

My A-Z Big Shape Tracing packet has doubled in size. This little favorite now offers two tracing  picture pages for every letter of the alphabet!

Working on 'big shapes' is a great activity to practice before you start learning letters. After big shapes, work on 'handwriting pattern lines'. 

My packets incorporate both! If it is too much tracing for your little learners, just do the big shape and shade over the pattern - no problem. 

In the newly revised version, I've included a page that you can use to turn your worksheets into a workbooklet. Everyone loves a workbooklet. 

Every letter now has two pictures.

For 'c' I've included 'cactus' and 'carrot'. 

My little man Sam was eager to try this activity when he spied me prepping these samples. Lucky I had anticipated this and printed 2 copies. 

We used watercolours and crayon - but you could use pencils, markers or even glitter pens! 

Hop over to this past post to find this pumpkin page FREE in google drive!

- Mel x