Rainbow Cloud Craftivity

Friends, we've added an adorable new craft to our Print-Cut-Make-Write series that is super easy to prep. 

We included a few version to make it just perfect for your needs and some lined writing papers so you can extend the creativity into a writing project! 

Choose from:
  • a version with face already drawn version
  • a 'one page' version (all the pieces for one student are on one page)
  • traditional craft templates version (multiple same pieces on one page, so you can copy on colored paper for whole class)
Choosing the traditional version tends to give you a set of crafts that show more variety, as students position their pieces in unique ways and with individual style. 

Why not ask your students to write:
  • an acrostic poem for 'rainbow'
  • a story about a rainy day
  • the reasons they have for choosing their favorite color
  • ten ways to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud
  • a story about discovering the end of the rainbow
  • a haiku poem about clouds

The 'one page version' is perfect for adding to morning tubs, fast finisher trays or as an alternative for past prep. Enlarge on double sized paper (A3 paper in UK and Australia) for a larger crafts.

We gave this new file to our lucky VIPs this week as a special bonus! If you have not heard about Pond VIP, we would love you to read all about it over on our website!

Crazy Cute Classroom Letters

Make all of your classroom displays, bulletin boards, messages and signs crazy cute with our gorgeous new printable letter cuties!

They will add some fun to your classroom environment while helping you create important visual communication.

Included, is a crazy cute character for
  • letters a-z in UPPER CASE
  • letters a-z in lower case
  • numbers 0-9

We've included 12 files in this huge packet. Each set features a different color:
  • red
  • pink
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • teal
  • blue
  • purple
  • black
  • brown
  • blackline
  • punctuation (question mark, exclamation, comma, period, hashtag)

A thick blue background line is included on each. This provides a wide cutting clearance - you will not need to be overly precise in your cutting around each letter while still maintaining a great visual result

Each letter has been carefully designed for ultimate cuteness, clarity and pop!

Hop over to TpT to find this huge bundle of printable letters! We'd love to see your bulletin boards, tag us on social media so we can find them!

Color Create Motivate - Fruit Fun

Encourage and motivate your learners with some growth-mindset style messages of motivation and inspiration with this fruit themed pack of coloring posters.

Use the poster designs included or ask your students to develop their own positive messages with the 'wordless' versions!

Here is a close up of the posters:

You're grape

Be a Pineapple 

Pear with it

You're one in a melon

Turn lemons into lemonade



My core is care

Put a cherry on top

For a blue sky, always try

You're berry cool

Be good

If you would like this printable packet of posters to color and motivate your learners, hop over to our TpT store today! 

Turtle Team Craft

Who can resist a cute turtle or two?! The latest craft added to our collection is an adorable cutie who looks great in a team. Make your classroom bulletin board or display capture attention and motivate your learners with this easy-to-prep paper craft and writing pack!

These pieces can be printed on color paper, or print them on white paper and ask your students to
  • shade them
  • paint them
  • crayon them or
  • collage them! 
 Add additional challenge and creative opportunities by applying paper techniques and detail - twisting, rolling, tufting or fringing crepe paper. 

Our packet includes several versions for your convenience:
  • a 'completed' (minimal cutting)
  • a 'one page' version (pieces for one student all on one page)
  • the traditional craft templates (multiple same pieces on one page, so you can copy on colored paper for whole class)
Students can complete a writing project on the turtle themed writing paper included in the pack also. 

Tag us on social media - we would love to see your turtle teams on display! ViPs - this packet was sent to you as a bonus today - enjoy!

Jungle Drawing and Art Projects

Jungle Drawing Art Project

We just listed a much-requested Jungle Directed Drawing packet! It includes 40 project variations (from 10 different drawings). The animals are very whimsical. I have more realistic animals of the same variety scattered throughout other directed drawing packets in our series, so thought it would be something new and fun to include a dedicated 'whimsical' style in this one. 

We had a road test of the monkey project here in my creative space on the weekend and would love to share some of the steps we took, with you!

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Jungle Drawing Art Project

1. Draw a big round head and two ears.

Jungle Drawing Art Project

2. Draw two bumps towards the top of the head and join to the sides with two short side strokes.

Jungle Drawing Art Project

3. Draw a simple body shape - two lines down to the sides and a line across the base. 

Jungle Drawing Art Project

4. Draw a long tail with a curl on top!

Jungle Drawing Art Project

5. Draw facial features - 2 eyes, a nose and a big happy smile! Here you could encourage students to add other features to their monkey. We kept him nice and simple, in our whimsical style.

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Other directed drawings included in this jungle-themed pack are:
  • zebra
  • lion
  • tiger
  • giraffe
  • hippo
  • elephant
  • rhino
  • toucan
  • crocodile
Jungle Drawing Art Project

Directed drawing allows young students to feel successful on their journey learning to draw and helps to motivate their writing. Once they get drawing you will see more engaged learners who start to develop story details - especially if you ask them to draw additional things in their space, a background and other characters.

Here is a peek at the 4 styles of project you can provide for each drawing:

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Classic Directed Drawing

The classic directed drawing has the steps and room provided for students to simply draw, following the steps.
Jungle Drawing Art Project

Read, Draw, Write

The "Read, Draw, Write" style worksheet encourages students to read the words in the word bank, follow the directed steps to draw a picture (and they may add additional drawings) and then lines are provided for students to write a sentence or two about their picture or the topic.
Jungle Drawing Art Project

Big Draw

Big Draw provides the steps on one page, and a page sized, bordered worksheet for students to create a large artwork.

Jungle Drawing Art Project

Draw and Write

Draw and Write (not pictured) has a blank space for students to draw (using the Big Draw page of steps) and a few lines to write a sentence or two.

We hope you give the monkey artwork a try and would be thrilled to see you include more jungle drawings in your learning space!

Drawings are a fantastic way to start writing. It can begin the creative thought process and be a stimulus for writing. We have a huge range of directed drawing packets over in our TpT store. Find them HERE

End of Year Memory Book

End of Year School Activities Printable

The end of the school year is such a wonderful and special time. It can also be busy and frantic. Many of our readers in the northern hemisphere are finishing up school for the year before a well deserved summer break. 

We have a printable commemorative book for students to make that will make a wonderful end of year activity and something to treasure for years to come! This memory book includes simple-to-complete pages. Your little learners will finish the picture on each page by adding some additional details like faces and hair and then writing a few words or a short sentence.

Perfect for independent completion by little learners!

End of Year School Activities Printable

The book includes a cover and 16 activity pages - do one each day in the lead up to your final day. Best results will occur when you carefully model the expectations for each page with your learners and provide some sample ideas on a chart or on the board. 
  1. About Me Page – students draw a picture and record some simple facts about themselves
  2. My Good Friend – students complete a picture of a good friend and write a sentence about what makes them a good friend
  3. My Teacher – students complete a picture of their teacher and write a short sentence about their teacher
  4. The Best Day – students add details to complete a picture about their best day at school, and write a short sentence to describe it
  5. Award Page – Students give themselves a class award. They name the award and record something they work hard at through the year
  6. My Favorite Book – students draw the cover of their favorite book and record the title and author if their favorite book
  7. My Best Work – students draw a picture to recall the best piece of work they completed through the year, and write a short sentence to tell about it
  8. My Favorite Lunch – students draw a picture of their favorite school lunch and write a sentence to describe it. Teachers could also ask students to label their picture with words and arrows
  9. My Favorite Field Trip – students finish a picture of themselves and write about their favorite field trip. Students can draw in, the background, aspects and features of their field trip location
  10. My Birthday – students record on the birthday cake, the candles to show how old they turned and write about something special they did to celebrate their day!
  11. A Happy Year - students recount a time they were happy through the year
  12. Thank you - students write about someone to thank and why
  13. Next year - students draw something they think they will do next year
  14. Advice - students give advice to the following grade cohort
  15. My Friends - students draw a gallery of 4 friends in the photo style frames
  16. 3 Best Memories - students write a short recount of their 3 best memories
End of Year School Activities Printable

End of Year School Activities Printable

End of Year School Activities Printable

End of Year School Activities Printable

End of Year School Activities Printable

UK and Australian spelling alternative pages are included.

This was originally published in 2006 as 'End of Year Busy Book' and is now revised and available here in our TpT store. It is perfect for keeping your little ones busy while you get those important assessment and recording tasks completed for the end of the school year.

End of Year School Activities Printable

If you are not in the end-of-school season, start early and get this booklet completed steadily through the year as a progressive keepsake for your lovelies!

Subitizing Fun

Subitizing Math Center

Have fun learning to subitize dot patterns to ten with our fast-to-prep, engaging math game. This printable card game is ideal for small group math rotations or center work. Students will play with a partner or small group to match numerals to the dots of their board, aiming for 5 in a row.

Subitizing Game

What is subitizing

When students can subitize, they are able to tell the number of objects in a set, instantly - they don't need to count each item. Most commonly, you can teach students to subitize with dots, ten frames and fingers.

Subitizing Patterns - Standard and Non-Standard

'Standard' dot patter arrangements are those common patterns you see on dice, dominoes and math equipment. Learning to subitize non-standard arrangements is important too and will require your students being able to visualize the common or standard patterns and manipulating them in their mind. 

Work with the standard patterns first. Playing board games is often a child's first experience with dot patterns, those on a dice. Play lots of games and specially-made learning games, like this one of ours - 5 in a Row!

Extend your learners - conceptual subitizing

When your students are confident with the patterns of a particular activity (perceptual subitizing) we encourage you to teach conceptual subitizing. This is where 2 patterns are shown to a student and they can combine them (add them) instantly to know the total. Think of throwing a double 6 in a board game. They would know instantly that this is 12 if they are able  to conceptually subitize. 

To encourage this in 5 in a Row, ask them to flip 2 cards, and find the total before covering the 2 numbers. They may need to count the total the first few times they play, but with repetition they will know the total of 2 cards, instantly. Play it over and over to give them this opportunity to develop.

Subitizing Dot Patterns

Our game 5 in a Row will help teach subitizing to ten with standard patterns. It is a perfect place to start your learners!

Non-standard dot pattern arrangements

We've also prepared something extra for you to extend your fastest learners - and it is FREE today! Roll and Cover is so easy to prep (just print the page). It will help teach subitizing of non-standard patterns for 1 to 6. 

Students roll a standard 6 sided die and place a counter over a matching number (non standard pattern). Playing this will help them bridge the gap between standard and non-standard patterns.

Free Subitizing Game

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