Penguin Art Project

Penguins are so much fun to draw. Follow these directed drawing steps to create your own penguin art project - perfect for winter and penguin units!

We did some penguin directed drawings today and I am so pleased with how they turned out!

Here are the steps if you would like to try it with your class!

It is one of the projects in my 'November to January Directed Drawing' printable packets. You can find it on TpT by clicking HERE

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Five for Friday

Hello Friday! I am back with five random happenings from my week. I have a confession to make - some of these photos are throwback photos. It has been one of 'those' weeks. We have discussed them before. 

1. It is Friday. 

I think I covered that earlier. I am sure you are as excited as me. 
I am 'especially' excited, because it is the Friday BEFORE school goes back for a brand new year. 

I mean, isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck-fantastic?!

2. Prepping Games

Does any week in my life not contain printing and laminating? My girl is loving being allowed to assist with the laminator while she is off school. Here is a 'Make 10' game from my recent listed bundle of addition games

3. The Hundred House
I made some printable worksheets that have been stuck inside my mind, and on my to-do list for a few years. These cuties will help your students became familiar with the number order and patterns on a 100 chart. 

4. Chocolates

We finished the chocolate stash from Christmas. It has taken 6 weeks. I am now back on the detox. 

5. Back to School

I have just a few days left of summer break and I am getting excited about a fresh new school year. I am working an additional day in the classroom this year, so I have lots to look forward to! I started going through my bookshelves today to gather all my 'school' themed books. I love reading these in the first few weeks of term. Do you have a favourite BTS read aloud? I would love to add some more to my collection. 

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Back to School Bounty

Here is Australia, we are heading back to school next week. Instead of suffering the BTS blues, some of my friends and I have decided to cheer you up with a giveaway!

We want to give you a chance to win 2 fabulous prizes!

In the math bundle, you can win a copy of my 'Double Dice Easy Prep' games. Four games are included in this packet, and you can literally 'print and play' as there is no cutting required!

In the ELA bundle, you can win a copy of my "Sight Word Houses" worksheets. This packet will help you revise one hundred of the most commonly occurring sight words. 

Students will trace and write each focus word.  

They will identify the letters from an assortment of letters and build the word with letter tiles. They will need to write the word four times and also draw a picture of the word behind the flip-flap door.

All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Some Sweet Subtraction

 In this Valentine Subtraction activity, your little learners will gain valuable fine motor practice in making twenty chocolates for their chocolate box.

They will then model the subtraction process by removing some chocolates from the box. As with all my 'Fun Play Dough' packets, there is a short rhyme for your students to say as they roll the dough. I have found this helps students stay focused and get into the rhythm of rolling and modelling the dough. 

They can record their subtraction action on the worksheet. 

This activity helps your little learners understand that subtraction is considered as the removal of part of a group. It helps model the 'take away' strategy for subtraction and uses concrete materials and a 'real world' problem. 

Give your students some opportunities to discuss their actions in the activity and encourage mathematical language.

Find this printable packet over at TpT HERE

100 Days of School

This weekend I was thrilled to notice that my TpT store had reached 7000 followers! 

Oh my goodness. It feels like it was just yesterday that I felt the excitement of reaching one hundred. 

In celebration, I made a '100 Days of School' number line puzzle freebie. 

You can grab the freebie from my TpT store by clicking  HERE

I made some eye candy for the week ahead in my planner. Under heavy influence from my sister, I recently became a 'planner addict'. It is lots of fun and a good way to indulge in creativity, paper, stickers and all-things-cute! If you need another obsession interest in your life - look up #planneraddict on Instagram!

Appreciating my 7000 followers made me reflect on how things are achieved. When I focus too much on the 'big picture' - all the jobs and roles I have - I get lost in the enormity of it all, and at times can get overwhelmed.  I need to constantly tell myself to just focus on the little moment I have now and what I can do with it. They do add up, and they do made a difference!

You can download my little planner/diary card HERE. Hopefully as I open up my planner each day this week, it will remind me to be at peace with my life of 'little moments'.

The absolutely adorable and amazing Cara Carroll has also just made a blog post with wonderful ideas for a '100 Day Celebration' in your classroom. I always get excited when I see that Cara has blogged and true to form, her post delivers so many wonderful ideas - you will love it!

Find Cara's blog post (including freebie) HERE

Snowman Makes Six

I blogged in 2013 with a fun free number game - Snowman Makes Ten. You can read my original post HERE

I edited the file over the weekend to include a couple of bonus pages that will allow you to differentiate your instruction. The bonus pages will allow you to work with students who are only working with numbers to six. They can help the snowmen make six instead of ten. 

If you have this file already, pop over to TpT to grab the additional pages. Click on the image below to find it.

Another game in my store - called 'Make 20 and 10 Snowman' will extend your higher level students. You can find it HERE

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Five for Friday

It's that glorious time of the week we call "Five for Friday time"!

Here are 5 random happenings from my week. 

1. My sausage muffin

This little man melts my heart every single day. I call him my 'sausage muffin'. He has taken to saying "I am not a sausage muffin". "That's fine, you can be my hash brown then", is my new reply. We are in the midst of a lovely summer break here in Australia and have taken advantage of the extra daylight hours with a few alfresco dinners. Here is my hash brown avoiding the sun. 

2. Yummy food

Can you sense a theme emerging. That's right. I go back on my detox NEXT week. I met up with Brooke from Teachable Moments through the week. She was passing through my town and we decided it was an opportunity far too good to pass up. I gave her a brief tour of my city, we chatted, ordered a delicious lunch and she showed me how to take a screenshot on my phone. I am *SO* moving with the times. Here is our tasty caesar salad and chips (fries for you in the USA). 

3. Penguin shapes

I made a craftivity for learning 2D shapes with a penguin theme. I lie. I made ten! You can find them in my TpT store HERE

4. Freebie alert

I blogged over at Blog Hoppin' with a free set of 'heart overlays'. These can be used to pretty-up your next classroom resource or digital teacher-file. They will add a layer of hearts to any background you already have. 

You can find my post (and snag the freebie) HERE

5. A death in the pond

We had a day of tears in my house this week. Well, maybe a few hours. My cherubs were saddened to discover our goldfish Sophie floating at the bottom of the tank. Not one little movement left in her. Sophie was a goldfish I purchased for my students in my classroom of 2010. She had a grand innings. My husband and I often had a chuckle about little Sophie's longevity and the fact that it seemed that the more we forgot to feed her, the longer she seemed to live. My seven year old daughter insisted on a burial in the backyard with a few kind words and a closing prayer. I made sure hubby dug the hole deep enough so our Maggie would not dig her up for breakfast. 

All jokes aside, I paused as we scooped her out, and noted that I too, was feeling sad about little Sophie. It appears that it is only old age that got to her. She had virtually no front fins left. They had whittled away to almost nothing, from all that swimming. 

No matter how seemingly insignificant, any loss makes us reflect on life in general and the miracle that it is. 

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Snowman Makes 20

We are partying like it is 15 degrees cooler here in my lovely air conditioned house! It is VERY warm outside. We have been busy outdoors in the evening and mornings, but for the middle of the day, when it is most warm, we crank up the air con, put the cricket on and chill out. And by 'chill out' I mean that hubby sits on the lounge, the cherubs play and I prep some teaching activities for my **eek** return to school in just a few weeks. 

In 2015, I will be teaching First Grade one day a week and also taking on a Support Teacher role for another day a week. I am very excited and feel blessed that my employer allows me to remain a part-time teacher until my youngest child is of school age. 

Today, I got some more Play Dough Mats laminated and ready to play. These ones have a snowman theme and will help students adding to 20. They roll balls of dough, say the little rhyme and add them to the playing mat. A recording sheet will also help them keep track of the addition problems. 

You can find this file, in my TpT store HERE

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The Sound Train - Phoneme Segmentation

I have made three resources that will help your little ones learn to read and write words.

I have used a 'train' theme to help with phoneme segmentation. I have always liked using a train concept, as I explain to my students that the train is going forward on the track, and does not go backward. It is one way straight ahead, and we see the engine first and then the carriages in order. Kind of like learning to read words by looking at the sounds across the line from left to right. 

I have a set for consonant blends, which will help students understand that a blend is made up of 2 independent sounds, but we try to say them very quickly together - so they make one chunk within the word. After learning single sounds, my students have always been excited to start blends. I tell them they are so clever, they are going to learn the 'big grown up' sounds that have 2 letters! Blends are a wonderful bridge, as they use existing knowledge (single sounds), but get the children used to the idea of looking for 2 letter chunks within words. And they are not too hard - they sound like what they look like! 

I have a cvc set - I would use these first, as soon as possible after learning some single sounds in the first weeks of Kindergarten. Get them building words as they learn the single sounds. It helps make all that 'sound learning' make sense to students. 

Using resources like these, always allows me the freedom to introduce tricky consonant digraphs, and even vowel-sound alternatives to students as young as Kindergarten. As long as you stick to words that are phonetically regular, I have found students easily master 'harder' sounds very quickly. 

Find them all in my TpT store by clicking on the images below. I will not be bundling these resources.