Snowman Makes 20

We are partying like it is 15 degrees cooler here in my lovely air conditioned house! It is VERY warm outside. We have been busy outdoors in the evening and mornings, but for the middle of the day, when it is most warm, we crank up the air con, put the cricket on and chill out. And by 'chill out' I mean that hubby sits on the lounge, the cherubs play and I prep some teaching activities for my **eek** return to school in just a few weeks. 

In 2015, I will be teaching First Grade one day a week and also taking on a Support Teacher role for another day a week. I am very excited and feel blessed that my employer allows me to remain a part-time teacher until my youngest child is of school age. 

Today, I got some more Play Dough Mats laminated and ready to play. These ones have a snowman theme and will help students adding to 20. They roll balls of dough, say the little rhyme and add them to the playing mat. A recording sheet will also help them keep track of the addition problems. 

You can find this file, in my TpT store HERE

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