The Sound Train - Phoneme Segmentation

I have made three resources that will help your little ones learn to read and write words.

I have used a 'train' theme to help with phoneme segmentation. I have always liked using a train concept, as I explain to my students that the train is going forward on the track, and does not go backward. It is one way straight ahead, and we see the engine first and then the carriages in order. Kind of like learning to read words by looking at the sounds across the line from left to right. 

I have a set for consonant blends, which will help students understand that a blend is made up of 2 independent sounds, but we try to say them very quickly together - so they make one chunk within the word. After learning single sounds, my students have always been excited to start blends. I tell them they are so clever, they are going to learn the 'big grown up' sounds that have 2 letters! Blends are a wonderful bridge, as they use existing knowledge (single sounds), but get the children used to the idea of looking for 2 letter chunks within words. And they are not too hard - they sound like what they look like! 

I have a cvc set - I would use these first, as soon as possible after learning some single sounds in the first weeks of Kindergarten. Get them building words as they learn the single sounds. It helps make all that 'sound learning' make sense to students. 

Using resources like these, always allows me the freedom to introduce tricky consonant digraphs, and even vowel-sound alternatives to students as young as Kindergarten. As long as you stick to words that are phonetically regular, I have found students easily master 'harder' sounds very quickly. 

Find them all in my TpT store by clicking on the images below. I will not be bundling these resources.