Five for Friday

It's that glorious time of the week we call "Five for Friday time"!

Here are 5 random happenings from my week. 

1. My sausage muffin

This little man melts my heart every single day. I call him my 'sausage muffin'. He has taken to saying "I am not a sausage muffin". "That's fine, you can be my hash brown then", is my new reply. We are in the midst of a lovely summer break here in Australia and have taken advantage of the extra daylight hours with a few alfresco dinners. Here is my hash brown avoiding the sun. 

2. Yummy food

Can you sense a theme emerging. That's right. I go back on my detox NEXT week. I met up with Brooke from Teachable Moments through the week. She was passing through my town and we decided it was an opportunity far too good to pass up. I gave her a brief tour of my city, we chatted, ordered a delicious lunch and she showed me how to take a screenshot on my phone. I am *SO* moving with the times. Here is our tasty caesar salad and chips (fries for you in the USA). 

3. Penguin shapes

I made a craftivity for learning 2D shapes with a penguin theme. I lie. I made ten! You can find them in my TpT store HERE

4. Freebie alert

I blogged over at Blog Hoppin' with a free set of 'heart overlays'. These can be used to pretty-up your next classroom resource or digital teacher-file. They will add a layer of hearts to any background you already have. 

You can find my post (and snag the freebie) HERE

5. A death in the pond

We had a day of tears in my house this week. Well, maybe a few hours. My cherubs were saddened to discover our goldfish Sophie floating at the bottom of the tank. Not one little movement left in her. Sophie was a goldfish I purchased for my students in my classroom of 2010. She had a grand innings. My husband and I often had a chuckle about little Sophie's longevity and the fact that it seemed that the more we forgot to feed her, the longer she seemed to live. My seven year old daughter insisted on a burial in the backyard with a few kind words and a closing prayer. I made sure hubby dug the hole deep enough so our Maggie would not dig her up for breakfast. 

All jokes aside, I paused as we scooped her out, and noted that I too, was feeling sad about little Sophie. It appears that it is only old age that got to her. She had virtually no front fins left. They had whittled away to almost nothing, from all that swimming. 

No matter how seemingly insignificant, any loss makes us reflect on life in general and the miracle that it is. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends! Have a great day.