Some Sweet Subtraction

 In this Valentine Subtraction activity, your little learners will gain valuable fine motor practice in making twenty chocolates for their chocolate box.

They will then model the subtraction process by removing some chocolates from the box. As with all my 'Fun Play Dough' packets, there is a short rhyme for your students to say as they roll the dough. I have found this helps students stay focused and get into the rhythm of rolling and modelling the dough. 

They can record their subtraction action on the worksheet. 

This activity helps your little learners understand that subtraction is considered as the removal of part of a group. It helps model the 'take away' strategy for subtraction and uses concrete materials and a 'real world' problem. 

Give your students some opportunities to discuss their actions in the activity and encourage mathematical language.

Find this printable packet over at TpT HERE