Funny Ice Cream Directed Drawing

Today, I want to share with you a simple directed drawing. I have been doing directed drawings with my students for a few years now, and have been amazed at how it has helped develop students confidence and creativity. Many students will take the techniques and ideas they learn in directed drawing and apply them to other areas and lessons.

How to use directed drawing in your classroom

Be flexible overall with your approach to directed drawing. A lot will depend on your learners. I have had classes of very confident, creative drawers and also classes filled with students who just need help with ideas and simple steps to spark their imagination.

If you are just starting out, try a more structured approach to begin, giving them very specific steps and encouraging them to draw as you are (following our templates) and then over time, loosen up the steps and let them be guided by their own imagination.

Use our printable directed drawing pages:

  • for an imagination starter -  take our idea, change it for your class
  • model the steps with our page as your guide, the blackboard, whiteboard or Smartboard
  • give them the students a printed copy of our worksheet and have them follow along for themselves

Directed drawings are a fun way for students to draw new and unfamiliar themes and topics. They are also helpful for learning new techniques for shape and line making.

You can make the activity a simple one with pencil and paper, or add as many different arty add-ons as you like. Think of creative papers, paints, oil pastel, glue, collage items etc! Have fun with it!

Summer Art Project - Funny Ice Cream

Today I wanted to show you some art projects that were developed from the free steps outlined in our printable packet over at TpT. If you have a TpT account you can download it directly - it's free. If not, consider signing up, it's free to join and you just need to use your email to sign up.

Ice Cream Art Project for Kids - 1

For this little guy, I:
  • drew the steps exactly
  • painted with watercolor
  • outlined with black marker
  • added soft cotton wool ball clouds
  • added green grass detail - crayon and a downward line stroke

Ice Cream Art Project for Kids - 2

For this cutie, I:

  • drew the steps but changed the face
  • painted with watercolor
  • outlined with black marker
  • drew sand and clouds in the sky 

Ice Cream Stack Art Project for Kids - 3

For this I:

  • drew the steps but added more scoops
  • painted with watercolor
  • outlined with black marker
  • drew sand and clouds in the sky
 Encourage your little learners to draw several ice cream funnies on scrap paper or a whiteboard, experimenting with different features, faces and backgrounds. When they have drawn a few they may like to choose their favorite to develop into their artwork.
 You can download this directed drawing from our TpT store - Funny Ice Cream Directed Drawing.

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