Build a Number Wall - Activity for Emergent Number

Hi friends! 

I wanted to share with you a fun little idea for your students that are still working at the emergent number stage. They are students that still need to touch items to count and find the total. 

Working with visual representations of numbers will help them move up to the next level. Helping them moved from concrete to abstract will also assist. I like to do little activities like this one, AFTER a hands-on activity using equipment like counters, tokens and blocks. 

For this one, you can use up sheets of old stickers, use ink stamps, dot markers or just drawing pictures. Students work to fill up the number wall with corresponding groups of pictures in each row. 

You can download it from google drive below:

If your little ones need more work on understanding numbers, you may like my 'Number Books'. They are bundled up to include all numbers 1 to 10. Each book contains 5 days of sequenced activities that cover many areas ofnumber and numeral identification. 

You can try these books, by downloading Number Three for free. Find it at TpT by clicking on the image below:

Thank you for stopping by, I hope your week is going well!