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We love making paper crafts from 2D shapes. Do you have a stack of paper circles in your craft cupboard just itching to be used? We have 27 different ideas for you!

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Shape crafts are perfect for combining 2D shapes in geometry and art. Our circle crafts also enhance fine motor skills by encouraging paper folding. With your learners you can talk about fractions and parts of a shape too!

Dino Shape Craft

Dinosaur Circle Shape Craft

Let't make a dinosaur with 2 paper circles!

By the way, once you have done a few projects like this with your class, you will be amazed how creative they will become in making their own designs! 

What you need:

How to make your shape dinosaur:

If using one of the template pages, color all the pieces with pencil or crayon.
  1. Cut all the pieces.
  2. Place pieces down on a background paper and move pieces into arrangement.
  3. Glue pieces down to create dinosaur.
  4. Talk with your students about how the circle was divided to create the picture. Encourage mathematical and positional language
Simply teach your students how to fold a paper circle into halves. Then teach them half again, and half again. Alternatively you could introduce older students to the terms quarters, eighths and sixteenths. Ask older students to record the fractions on each piece of the artwork.

A fun idea is to get a bundle of shapes cut out and then let students explore different designs of their own.

Free printable paper circle dinosaur shape craft
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Dinosaur Shape Craft