Caterpillar Number Game Freebie

This number game is simple to prepare, and can be easily differentiated to cater for a range of learners in your classroom. Just print and copy the caterpillar page and gather some dice and matchsticks. 

You can adapt this game to focus on a range of different number skills.  

The main focus/skill I have in mind, is for students to build sets of ten. 

They can play with a partner and work together. They roll a die and add legs on the caterpillar (two on each body section) until they have a collection of ten caterpillars - 100 legs in total.

As students progress through the game, stop them and ask them for a running total. They will need to count by tens and then add the additional ones to find their total. Ask them how many more they need to make the current set of ten they are working on. 

Differentiate this activity by changing the method for finding the matchstick number.

Ask students to use a dotted die - or a numeral die....

Students just learning to count-on, can use a numeral AND a dot die. They add the total of the dice.

Advanced learners could throw a double-dice and a single die. They find the total of the double-dice and then subtract the single number from this total. 

I hope your students have fun with this number game. You can download the game boards by clicking on the images below!

Have a great beginning to the week - thank you so much for stopping by!