Five for Friday Fun

Five for Friday time! 

1. My little man just walked through the door, this very minute. Well, maybe ten minutes ago, with a bunch of my favourites. Pink roses! An early Mother's Day surprise. 

Excuse my face. I have had a head cold for 3 days now. Feeling very tired and well, just yuk! But with this little man by my side, how could I not be happy! Don't think he is too fond of selfies.

2. I am still excited about my Thermomix - but moving on from raw salads and green things to homemade chocolate dairy deserts and other yummy stuff. Stuff that is still very good to eat, because its made from scratch. With real ingredients. From farms, like eggs and milk and stuff. So it's OK. I am being thermo-healthy. 

3. Scrappy drawings. With my head cold this week, I have been drained of energy. Sometimes even too drained to do housework. Imagine that. But I did get a bit of time to draw. Scrappy style. Now, just to find time to get them all prettied up.. 

4. Hubby earned HUGE points today for coming home from the shops with this. For me. It has been on my wish list forever. I am not sure where my wish list actually is, but one day I will find it and maybe draw some scrappy stuff all over that too. 

But for now, I will be on the lounge. With Kleenex. Chocolate thermomixed-yogo, and ten seasons of Friends. Heaven.

5. Speaking of FRIENDS... to end my 5 days of Teacher Appreciation - I asked around and 5 FABULOUS friends of mine offered one of their files up, so I could give you the chance to win an awesome prize! They are even more fabulous because I gave them about 5 minutes notice and they didn't yell at me. I had sweaty palms and could not sit still, cause I simply HATE asking for things. But they were all so wonderful and were excited to help me. How nice it is to have great friends! 

In this bundle, you will find:

An informative writing packet: How to Make an Ice Cream! Yum! 

A printable file to teach prefixes, from the fabulous 'explain it all' series!

A close reading packet, about the farm. I have this file, and my word, it is ADORABLE - you will love it!

A very handy and practical set of printables for ANY WORD LIST! You can never have enough of these!

Thank you so much, Emma from Clever Classroom

And in perfect time for my USA friends, a FUN bundle of end-of-year printables! 

Thank you so much Wendy from Teachers Tookit

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