Monday, 5 May 2014

Snake Addition and Friends of Ten Freebie

Hi friends, I wanted to stop by today with a freebie for you, and also to show you a new resource. I have had many people asking me for an addition version of my Snake Count Back Cards

These Snake Addition Cards will be helpful for students learning counting-on for addition. 

Before using these, make sure students are very familiar with addition being the combination of two groups. They should be ready to move on to more advanced strategies. 

Students find the missing addend by continuing to count until they reach the total (shown on the card). 

You can use the cards, once laminated, with dry erase markers. Students draw extra spots on their snake and find the missing addend. 

You can ask students to use counters/chips.

Or integrate with 'fine motor' and use play dough balls. For a fun treat at a class party - use smarties or other small treats!

Included in the file is also a printable work booklet. This can be done as a follow up to the main activity.

It includes a range of addition sums, with numbers totalling no more than ten.

Students can use a crayon, or little sticky dots to find and record their answers. 

And so you can encourage lots of fun addition in your classroom - why not display this 'Friends of Ten' poster. Just click on the image below and grab it from Google Drive. 

Thank you so much for stopping by - I hoe you are having a great start to the week!

I would love to give a FREE copy of my new resource to the first TWO people that leave a comment here on my post!


Debora Weaver said...

This looks great! I would love it.

Debora Weaver said...

I forgot to leave my and, by the way, I love the way everything looks on this. This looks like something my kiddos would love doing. Thanks a lot for the chance.

Luz Maria Garcia said...

I love it.

Debbie said...

I love the way you have them adding and counting on, on the snake!

loularkin said...

So clever!

Karyn said...

Mel I LOVE it! Thank so much for the freebie poster for the "Friends of Ten." There's a great YouTube video that we've been singing by the same name so this will be such a fantastic resource! You're amazing!

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kidzkidzkidz8 said...

I would love it. I have both sets of subtraction snakes.

Sylvia Parker said...

Looks great! I just added the Subtraction cards to our centers.

Desiree said...
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Kelly Burlinski said...

What a creative idea! Love it.

Lavinia Pop said...

Aww!! Missed out :( Oh well! Good thing TpT is having a sale soon :)

Carol T. said...

These look like fun! Will check them out on TPT.


Carol T. said...

These look like fun! Will check them out on TPT.


Dr. Maty said...

Thanks Mel! What a lovely twist to this higher level thinking concept. Thanks for sharing your creativity and being so generous!

Julie said...

Love this set! So cute!

Kristina Beltram said...

These look awesome!

Wintaka said...

How do you do it? Creatively clever and academically spot on! I would love a set.

Bright Side of Life said...

I love this , how can i download?
Jeanne. Pyrz@ gmail

Bright Side of Life said...

I love this , how can i download?
Jeanne. Pyrz@ gmail

Sapphire Marchant said...

I would love to purchase and down load these. How can I do this? Thanks