Red Writing Hood

Look out, that's all I can say! I have recently downloaded John Mayer's new album from itunes! I have found that listening to John whilst I am designing and creating is almost essential for me now. I am so excited to have some new music in the background (although I love all his stuff), and it will no doubt assist with some new product development! I am not sure what it is about the music that assists me, but I love it. I can only describe it as 'syncing' in very well with my creative mind.... as is a little bowl of chocolate and perhaps a hot cup of tea (it was red wine, but alcohol been off the table for the last year or so).

I have been working for a while on 'people' graphics. People are hard to get right! I think I am getting there, and in the process came up with some characters from Red Riding Hood. I created a file of character webs, which you may like to look at on TpT or my website.

And these FREE writing pages. I was motivated by one of my earliest and most popular posts - Big Bad Wolf writing pages. The file contains worksheets in NSW Foundation Script as well as a standard font, for my Australian friends :)

This Red Riding Hood set has the same range of worksheets (as the Big Bad Wolf Set) to help cater for a range of learning abilities in your classroom. Check it out at TpT and download it for free.

And while I am talking about Fairytales and FREE stuff you HAVE To check out the FREE graphics posted by Lita Lita at TpT They are called 'Once Upon A Time Clipart' and they are adorable. I can't wait to use them.

I hope you like my Red Writing Riding Hood resources!

Thank You 1000!

We were so very excited this morning, to notice that the number of followers in our Graphics From the Pond store, has jumped over 1000. Last time we looked it was around 700, which we thought was remarkable.

I am speechless - although I should have trusted that the wonderful teaching community would be so supportive!
I started the graphics store as I was giving away some free graphics through our main TpT store, and they started to 'clutter up' the store a little. I thought it would just be a good way to organise things, I never expected that it would begin to get more visits than our resources store.

I am especially appreciative of all the lovely bloggers that have helped to spread the word, with kind shout-outs and notes of appreciation. I do enjoy seeing our graphics as I browse the collection on TpT, and my husband laughs as I scroll through Pintrest and yelp out in excitement as I see so many thumbnails that feature our graphics. It is pure joy that I have been able to help so many people to put their creative works into the world teaching arena for the education of our children.

It really proves to me, what I have always believed - that if you do what you love, put your head down, work hard, been open, generous and find joy in the success of others - good things will find you. It also proves that life is full of surprises, and whilst you think you are heading in one direction, the journey that you end up taking can be the one you never planned and least expected.

Cup Animals for World Turtle Day!

I just had to stay up late tonight to blog about our latest creations! Tomorrow is World Turtle Day (23rd May). The aim of the day is to promote respect for turtles (and tortoises) globally, and to encourage humans to behave in a way that helps these special creatures survive and thrive.

I wanted to get a craft ready to do with my daughter - she loves animals and I am anticipating that it will be 'all things turtle' for the next week or so after I tell her about World Turtle Day.

So it started with a turtle - and you can see how it turned out. Clearly you may be starting to guess that I don't do things by halves... he he he.

These 'Cup Animals' are so simple and so effective. I have included a colour set and a black/white set in the file, so that your little ones can paint or colour.

Start with empty clean foam cups. Paint them - I used student acrylics. It gave the cups a little bit of a glossy finish.

Cut out the pieces from the templates provided - colour if necessary. Cut small slits in the top and sides of your cup to allow your pieces to slide in. Too easy - no glue, no mess!

We have provided templates for little 'writing cards' that you can stand up next to your Cup Animal. Students could write a story about their new creation or list some facts about the animal.

The only hard part is trying to figure out which one is my favourite. Look out for a second set, I am already planning.....

Click HERE to find them in our TeachersPayTeachers store.

More Scrappy + Some Popcorn

I am pleasantly surprised to learn that I am not the only one quite partial to the word 'scrappy'.. I must come up with a list of my top favourite words. I am a words-kinda-girl. The written word particularly. I think 12 years teaching K-2 have put the breaks on my use of them though. I tried to play boggle on my i-phone the other day. 99% of my words were cvc words. The other 1% were ccvc words. O the shame. I need to teach adults for a while, perhaps my once-quite-wide vocabulary would be reinstated. My daily word use has narrowed further, now that I am on maternity leave. Little man 11weeks hears be babbling on with "mumumumumu" and "dadadadadadad" and the occasional "bububububububub".

Click on the image above to download another scrappy border. You can use it on your classroom resources, or resources you sell/give away provided you give a credit in your document - like this:
"Graphics From the Pond -"
Too easy!

My latest resource file is called 'Pop Measure'. It combines two fun things - popcorn and using the equal arm balance. Did you love using a pan balance when you were at school? I did. And we only got to use it once or twice a year. I understand now as a teacher, that this must have been when 'measurement' came up in the text book!

I purchased an equal arm balance for my home, so that my children could have unlimited use and play with one. Why wait for a turn at school? He he ;)

The benefit for me got me to thinking....... And 'Pop Measure' was born!

First I asked my daughter to take a handful or corn kernels and count them. Well, to make it easier, we grouped them into little piles of ten on this popcorn-themed counting mat. We then found the total.

The we counted out the same number of kernels for the other side. We found that they do not weigh the same! Must be the different size and shape of each kernel we hypothesised! We then added more kernels to one side, so the two bowls weighed the same.

We then did the best bit - popped one side of the kernels, put them back on the balance - and found that the weight was again, different!

I explained to my daughter that is was because each kernel contained water that vaporised when it popped - hence the lighter weight.

We then tried to find as many little object sets that we could, and found our how many of each it took to balance out with the kernels. We were surprised - only 4 cubes for 82 kernels!

Here is the little book that I have included in the file for your students. My daughter is too young, she just enjoyed the "experiment" part. They would be perfect however for Kinder-Grade 2. On each page the students would draw and write their predictions and observations....

In the classroom, you could do this "lesson" over a few days or a week, rather than all in one session. Click HERE to find it!

Just a Scrappy Little Border

Don't you just love the word 'scrappy'. I always wished I was a scrappy girl. My heart was scrappy, but my mind has always been neat and organised.... a theme that seems to permeate my life - two opposing sides at war with one another. Someone once told me I had two guardian angels - one strong and forthright, the other a soft delicate sweetheart. They both influence me apparently.....

Anyhow....back to scrappy. Just so you k now I am still is a free download. Hope you can get scrappy with it :)

You know the drill - not for resale, please give me credit (as follows) if you are selling a document or item with it - Graphics From the Pond

Cupcake Counting and a FREEBIE

We have just listed these fun number worksheets in our TeacherspayTeachers store. They were so much fun to make, and we think they will be just as fun to complete - perfect for revising number concepts and for maths centers and groups.


Here is a sample worksheet from the 1-10 set and

a sample from the 11-20 set - you get all worksheets 1-20 in this file!
 Click HERE to find them!

We know you love freebies, so listed this cute number card file as well! Use the cards for number matching activities, games, centers and displays in your classroom. Enjoy!

Click HERE to find them at TpT

Paws and Puppies

Sunday 20th May is Million Paws Walk in NSW. My daughter and I made this cute little puppy from foam cups this morning, after being inspired by both the Paws Walk advertising and Pintrest! How cute is that! It was super easy too - just two foam cups, googly eyes and a pom pom. I drew shapes onto thin card for all the pieces.

We also made a 'Triangle Puppy' picture. I have a little art group, with preschoolers at my local church - and this will help us to think about the Million Paws Walk and dogs and animals in need.

My daughter LOVES doing paper craft like this, she enjoys thinking about which way and order to arrange all the layers - great workout for her developing mind! It is also good to help learn about triangles in different orientations. It is very easy to make, just use triangles and rectangles of paper. You could tear the pieces, and use sticky dots to make a spotty dog!

If you would like the template pieces, find them HERE

Wonder-ful Reading and Writing

We are so excited to have finally revised one of our original products. We redesigned the 18 worksheets in this file, that can be used after your students have read a book or reader. Instead of replacing the worksheets, we have kept the original set, and then added the newly designed set. So you get 36 worksheets and can choose to give a 'plain' worksheet or a somewhat 'fancy' one. Some teachers don't mind decorative fonts and graphics, others want plain simple fonts - so we have given you both!

You can download the new revised edition through TpT now, and I am updating other sites soon. If you have purchased this file through eBay, please contact us, and I can send you the new one!

If you don't have these worksheets yet, you may like to take advantage of a special price at TpT for this week only. The worksheets have been designed to use alongside just about any book your students read (suited more to fiction) and are great for group times and literacy groups.

Pebbles and The Ocean

I have had a very busy few days, including a wonderful Mothers Day. I was very spoilt with a gorgeous photo frame of my two little lovelies, and a Mix Master! Yay! My other great emerging passion is baking, and I whipped up two delicious passion fruit butter cakes this morning -one for each side of the family as we celebrated Mothers Day. My little silver beast is going to get a work out....I have started a list of yummy delicious baked goods that simply must be cooked. How they will turn out, is up for debate, but I can only experiment.

In my crazy - "let me start about 25 different projects at once" way of doing things, I have commenced work on a group of graphics, that I can only call 'pebbles' is the round border frame that got me started..... I am loving it so far, even if it is time consuming and intricate....

You can have this one for free - let me know what you think! You can use it for your personal or commercial projects, but must give a credit - by placing somewhere in your document or product: Graphics From the Pond 
You cannot sell or redistribute this graphic itself.
Click on the image above to download it as a 300 dpi png file from GoogleDocs

After multiple requests for fish, I have just listed this cute Fish Fun set at TpT

All the colours used match those that I used for the Summer Seahorse set. They are simple, plain, bright shapes. I create most of my graphics this way, as I have teacher-resource-makers in mind, that make resources for little learners. Little learners that do not need 'busy' graphics that can distract from the content being taught.

I hope you have had a wonderful Mothers Day too. I thanked my mum for teaching me so many valuable lessons throughout my life. She is the kindest woman you could ever meet, and one of the most generous. She has very little, but gives so much. She gives her time and her energy in ways other people will never know. She is my hero and I love her.
What lessons did you learn from your mum/mom?

Summer Seahorses - FREE Appreciation Graphics

So I challenged myself to come up with a weeks worth of freebies for Teacher Appreciation. I have not quite got there yet....but I am doing OK considering everyone in my house has been hit with a tummy bug.....not fun at all. Hopefully we have seen the last of it. Yuk! Heading into winter (June) in Australia...I am not looking forward to more colds and flus.

You can thank my daughter for the seahorses....she is obsessed with all things "under the ocean" at the moment, and seahorses are on top of the list. She has been watching a TV show on The Great Barrier Reef with her Daddy over the last few weeks...I have been amazed at how much information she retained. She now knows more about The Great Barrier Reef than I do! I hope one day to visit. She had her "kinder readiness" assessment for 'big school' today.....sniff sniff.... our school year starts in February, so I have time to prepare.....just. You think being a teacher, I would be ready for this time, but clearly not.

Have fun with these seahorses! Click on the image below to download from TpT!

FREE Graphics Listed!

If you have been waiting for these FREE graphics to be listed - here they are!
Please take a look around at TpT while you are there - the sale ends soon
Remember code TAD12 for an ADDITIONAL 10% off!

Jump in for some bargains!

Visit my TeacherspayTeachers store for 28% off storewide!

My prices will be reduced by 20%  and you need to use the code TAD12 for the bonus 10% from TpT!
HURRY - its only from May 6th to 8th!

Appreciation Gift #2

A very short post tonight, as I have a little girl who does not feel so well here in my house!

If you click HERE or on the image above, you will find another 'Teacher Appreciation Freebie' for this week. It is a set of "pages" that you could use in your files as backgrounds, frames, cards, posters, center games......... They have a 'scribble' effect and I have made them in a group of colours that I use frequently, so they may match some things you already have from us.

I have also listed some very cute "Dotty Borders and Badges" today in a range of colours. Please remember that if you ever want something from our graphics collection in a different colour, it is super easy for us to edit it for you - so just ask! I can even match is exactly to a particular graphic or sample that you have, to give your products a very professional finish.

Hip Hip Hooray for 500+

Golly gosh, I am now just over 500! See what happens when you don't watch things too closely....just go about doing what you love and good things will happen. Wise words of the evening and that's all you are going to get, cause I have had a awful busy day with my little bubba. No day with a baby can be too awful, but let me just say that we went "off routine" yesterday to accommodate two appointments I had, and babies of mine do not cope going off their routine - kinda like Kindergarten going "off routine".....I'm sure you know what I mean! It has taken me most of the day today getting him settled again. And what a joy it is, I really can't complain at all.. I am just very tired and have got the "brain fog" happening. If I start to waffle-on, forgive me please!

I created this set of balloons this evening to share with you, as the first of a week of freebies (hopefully) here on my blog! Yay! What better way to celebrate 500+ followers and also Teacher Appreciation week. You can download them at TpT, by clicking on the image below or HERE

I am so excited to have over 700 followers on the graphics store in my TeachersPayTeachers store too. How did that happen? Honestly it's a blur. I have loved every minute of learning how to create the graphics so far. I have been truly overwhelmed by the support and kind words the TpT community have given me. I remember the day I opened my graphics program for the first time and attempted to learn a few things. I was a mess. There were tears. There were harsh words. There may have been a laptop-shaped dent in my wall very misshaped stress ball upon my desk. I almost gave up many, many times....and I cringe when I look at my first attempts....but here I am, doing OK now, still learning new tricks and techniques each day, and absolutely loving it. I especially love opening up Pintrest or having a look through TpT, scrolling through the items, and seeing all the wonderful items people have created with my graphics. I am so glad that I have been able to help other people be creative and inventive.

Hooray for 500 followers, and Hooray for Arrays! This is my latest product on TpT, Teachers Notebook and My Website. You can help your students to learn multiplication with arrays, and they will love using dot stickers to create them in the learning activities in this packet. Pop it on your wishlist at TpT and TN, as I hear there are a few sales coming up ;)

Good night - stay tuned for another 'appreciation' freebie tomorrow!

500 Wooo Hooooo!

I just realised that I have 500 blog friends. I am so excited, it seems like yesterday I was crawling to 100! Wow - that has really made my day. What a coincidence that the same number came up as I handed over the credit card today at the dentist...... not happy. Arr well, I have something to smile about now! I told my husband he had to call me smiley for a couple of days, I was kind of hoping that it would help to keep the focus of the other part of what I had to tell him....that being the somewhat large figure sitting on the credit card. Why didn't I become a dentist. The endless information I need to constantly churn through and reflect on when I am teaching around 20 little minds each year seems monumental when I consider that everything a dentist deals with sits inside a hole not much bigger than a tennis ball. He just has to get that figured out, everything that would fit in the palm of my hand. And what we deal with, really, is limitless and is as varied and as dynamic as each new little face that enters our room each year. Its my job to understand the mind, and work with the mind, and extend the mind, and develop the mind. And every mind is different and works differently and was created differently, and is nurtured differently. And we have to do it simultaneously, with all 20 or so minds at the same time.......what a huge undertaking. What a most important job!  Why don't we earn $500 an hour...he he, if only!

It is very late here Down Under and I am off to dream of wonderful ways I can say thank you to all 500 of my wonderful blog friends.......hhhhmmmm