Wonder-ful Reading and Writing

We are so excited to have finally revised one of our original products. We redesigned the 18 worksheets in this file, that can be used after your students have read a book or reader. Instead of replacing the worksheets, we have kept the original set, and then added the newly designed set. So you get 36 worksheets and can choose to give a 'plain' worksheet or a somewhat 'fancy' one. Some teachers don't mind decorative fonts and graphics, others want plain simple fonts - so we have given you both!

You can download the new revised edition through TpT now, and I am updating other sites soon. If you have purchased this file through eBay, please contact us, and I can send you the new one!

If you don't have these worksheets yet, you may like to take advantage of a special price at TpT for this week only. The worksheets have been designed to use alongside just about any book your students read (suited more to fiction) and are great for group times and literacy groups.