Pets Information Report

Kindergarten students love learning about pets! It is a fun and engaging theme that is perfect for the first year at school - connecting home to school learning or possibly class community with a class pet! Students can learn about needs and wants through discovering how we take care of pets.

We have a growing collection of pet resources in our store and here on the blog.

My Pet Writing

Here is a worksheet,  perfect for helping kindergarten students attempt independent writing with a pets theme: My Pet Writing Page

You can use it to introduce report writing.
  • read some pet books
  • talk about pets
  • ask students to join with you in collaborative report writing of a pet
  • choose a pet with your students
  • brainstorm some information
  • show them the scaffold
  • model how to retrieve information from your brainstorm and complete the sentences
  • point and read several times
  • use the collaborative text over the coming days for modelled and shared reading
  • encourage students to write their own

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Have fun with our pet writing page!