Paws and Pets

Sunday the 20th May is the Million Paws Walk in Australia. It helps the RSPCA to raise funds for animals in need.

Why not talk about pets in the classroom to help draw your students attention to the care and well being of animals? During Term 2 in Kindergarten, I do a unit of work on 'Meeting Needs' and always do a week or two talking about pets and the needs of animals. It is so much fun, and the students love talking about their pets (or why they can't have one)! We get a classroom pet - somehow I have managed to convince the last 5 or 6 classes I have taught to get a goldfish - nice and easy for the classroom :)

To help get you thinking of all-things-paw, I have created these cute graphics and listed them at TeacherspayTeachers. They are FREE. I would love to see what you come up with, so stop back and leave a comment.

Here is a worksheet, similar to one that I like to do with my kinders. It helps to introduce the 'Information Report' text type that we use in the NSW curriculum syllabus.

You can download it from google docs, by clicking HERE, or on the image itself

I used a border from one of our latest sets of borders, to create the box on this worksheet. I called this set "Stix Borders" as the lines reminded me of the sticks that were used when I played 'pick up sticks' as a child! They are listed with TpT:

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