More Mother's Day

I would love to share some of our favorite read-alouds for Mother's Day with you. What Mother's Day books do you read in your classroom? Does your school celebrate with the mothers?

Selecting a book that is appropriate for you class and the family dynamics of your community should be a consideration.

Here are some Amazon links (we are an affiliate so may receive a small commission from Amazon if you click on these) for our favorite reads:
  1. The Mommy Book 
  2. Love Your Forever
  3. Five Minutes Peace
  4. Koala Lou
  5. Clifford's Mother's Day
  6. My Grandma is Wonderful

I've made a sweet project for your little learners to make for their mothers this Mother's Day. They will draw some flowers to complete the picture and sign their name before presenting it to their special person on Mother's Day.

It is easily accessed over in our Coloring Club if you would like to join. Find out more about joining HERE