Marvellous Mother's Day

It is marvellous being a mum! I have the sweetest little baby boy to spend my days with at the moment. He is just about 8 weeks old, and I am constantly amazed at how well he is doing. He looked up at me at 3am the other day, mid feed, and said "" - such a moment! Today he was hanging out on his little soft mat, took a big sigh, and then closed his eyes....he is still fast asleep. It truly is a blessing to be a mum. My little girl, who is now 5, is also amazing - she has been helping me out, and being "mum #2" to our bub. I am one lucky girl!

I purchased a copy of "My Marvellous Mum" by Susannah McFarlane yesterday, to read to my little lovelies as we near Mother's Day. It is part of the "Little Mates" series by Scholastic. Each title features an Australian animal and focuses on a different letter of the alphabet.

My Marvellous Mum has lots of "m" words. Great for my daughter, who is constantly asking me how to write 'm' at the moment - when she is sounding out words - 'is it two jumps or one jump, mum?' she always asks. A week or two of working on lots of 'm' activities and writing should help! My Marvellous Mum has Matilda and Max, a koala and possum who are at the beach. They talk about all the reasons why their mums are marvellous. Then they decide to make something 'memorable' for their mums for Mother's Day - a mouth watering mud cake and a modern masterpiece (a painting). The illustrations by Lachlan Creagh are just divine!

I have spent today playing with my two little lovelies, and also working on this packet of resources to accompany work in the classroom for Mother's Day. You could use the activities on their own, or team them up with a reading of My Marvellous Mum or other stories about koalas, such as Mem Fox's Koala Lou.

click HERE to find my resources on TeachersPayTeachers

Here is how the writing and craftivity looks when finished. I have included spellings for both 'Mum' and 'Mom'.

My Australian friends might want to purcahse a copy of this wonderful book - I got my copy yesterday at KMart for $12. It is much bigger than the little ones that are sold through the Scholastic School Book Clubs.

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