Little Houses

I was experimenting with shapes and effects in my graphics programs today and created some little houses in the process. I put them together on a Sound Street to help learn alphabetical order.

Print these activity cards and laminate them - students can then use whiteboard (dry erase) markers to trace - a resource that you can use again and again!

Learning to write letters
Little learners can fill in the missing letters on each card.

Each card has 7 houses with a single letter in each. A variety of starting postions are included, so students learn alphabetical order from various starting positions. A set of streets with full letters are included to provide for student self-checking if needed or use as a display.

Learning the alphabet
  • lower case cards
  • upper case cards
  • blank cards plain (+ editable slide version - type your own letters)
  • blank cards with guidelines (+ editable slide version - type your own letters)

On the blank card you can have students copy a street of letters!