Story Spinner

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This "Story Spinner" is a great teaching activity to do with your Kinders or other students needing help with oral language, listening, telling and creating stories. It is perfect to do when you have a few minutes left at the end of your lesson or in a transition time.

Print the story spinner (on card if possible), laminate it and attach a paper clip to the centre with a split pin (I think you say "brad" in the US).

Tell your students they will use the spinner to help tell a story. Spin the spinner, and start the story for your students using the picture it lands on - e.g. The brown horse was walking down to the pond. A student then takes a turn, and spins the spinner, using the picture it lands on to add to the story. The sun was very hot and so the horse was very thirsty.
It is important that you encourage and support all the ideas of your students (if appropriate of course). This activity works well if stories are kept short. You may need to keep a record of which students have had a turn, so you can be sure to share the turns around (although the students will have  a great memory). Another good challenge is to ask your students the following day, to recall the story that was told! This activity is also great using spinners that contain pictures from familiar fairy tales - be sure to keep a look out in my TpT store - I think I will make some :)

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