Rainbow Addition to 100

Do you need a fun but practical way to prep a rigorous addition lesson for your first and second graders? This is it! Just one page, add some dice and you are all set.

Your students will absolutely love playing with dice and adding to they reach 100 in our addition game - Rainbow Race!
  • print the color or blackline game board
  • play with 6 standard dice
  • can be played independently or as an exciting small group game
  • play with a pencil or laminate to use with a dry erase marker

Each student starts with 6 dice and the players race one another to be the first to get to 100. They can draw the dots on the dice pictures to help them add. Encourage them to look for pairs of dice that are easy to total first as a strategy for addition. Maybe there are some doubles? Near doubles?

Students will also need to record their cumulative total to try to reach 100!

 We've included a blackline game mat too so you can print and play with ease.

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