Friday, 13 April 2012

How does your seed grow?

Do your students love learning about how plants grow? I love to do this little experiment with them using plastic cups, cotton balls and bean seeds.

The clear plastic makes it easy for students to see the progress of their little plant. Growing them on cotton balls makes it easy for your students to examine the roots as they grow. They will enjoy transferring their plant into the school garden once it has grown a bit.

I have just listed this 'Seed to Plant" observation log on TpT to use with a science activity like this. Each day the students will draw and/or write about what they see in their plastic cup!

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Mrs. McKown said...

I love this little activity! I need to do a lesson with the K students in our building about nature for our annual Habitat Day Celebration. I just downloaded the pack and love how clear the graphics and directions are! I thought it would be nice to give the materials to the students to take home and grow their plants (no soil/messy materials). Easy directions for parents to follow.
Thanks for sharing this activity!!
Perfect timing for me! :o)

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Melanie - From the Pond said...

Thank you for taking time to comment and I am so glad you like the activity :)

Co-Kindering said...

I have to tell you that I am such a TpT fan of yours!! I have bought so many of your products and LOVE them. I am your newest follower! Your ideas are wonderful! I am new to blogging and would LOVE it if you would stop by my blog to offer some suggestions! I am looking forward to following you!

Adrienne said...

I am your newest follower!

Unless Teaching

Melanie - From the Pond said...

Thank you so much co-kindering, you are very kind :)

Carrie and Christine said...
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