Eggs-actly! Fab Friday Freebie!

This printable game or center will be perfect for your Easter themed activities, but can also be used all through the year. Click HERE to find it at TpT!

It will help your students understand 2 digit numbers, place value, and addition with 2 digit numbers.

To make this activity - you will need to print out the sheet of numbers and attach them to the inside of an egg carton. If you have children will egg allergies in your classroom - find a decorative egg carton at your dollar shop, or a plastic one that has contained chocolate eggs for Easter. The plastic ones can be easily cleaned. When playing the game, your students will put two counters into the egg carton, replace the lid, and shake the carton. The student will use the numbers the counters land on to play their turn.

I have included a worksheet if you would like your students to record the steps they take in the game. This was not in my original resource, as at times it is good to just let your students engage in the activity without having to be concerned about recording their findings. Perhaps you could let them have a few turns of the game without the worksheet and then encourage them to fill it out on their last turn.