Teacher Organization and a Fun First Day Project!

I've got two little things to share with you today..

Please hop on over to The Teaching Tribune today to read my post about getting organized in the classroom with colours / colors!


Last week, I listed this fun packet of take home notes to help you reward your little ones for a job-well-done at school!

It was my idea to make them simple and easy to prepare and for a variety of achievements in the classroom!

Included, is a "Wonderful 1st Day of School" note.

A nice idea is to pop it into the cover of a simple small Photo Album and give it to your students on their first day!

Ask your students to colour it as part of their first day activities. 

Now your students have a memento to remember their first day and a place to keep all their future notes! 

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Organizing Resources Continued!

 Back in April I blogged about getting my maths resources organized HERE
Well, this week, I FINALLY got to do my English Language Arts! Here in Australia, we also use the term 'English' for this area of teaching.

I am by no means new to the idea of labelling things. I am trying hard to recollect, but I think my earliest experience was when I was around 10 years old. My dad had just started using a 'computer' to do his designing on at work. It was a HUGE deal at the time. Imagine being able to create and print! It is probably where my fascination started. I had him make special name labels for all my pencils and school supplies. I had to measure the exact dimensions for each label, and create a little job sheet for him to take along to work. I even measured the sticky-tape (sello tape) to ensure that each label would fit nicely between the dimensions of a piece of tape, making it easy to secure my name to each object, nestled between a border of clear adhesive.

Hmmm ... much goin' on there, I am sure! Bwhahaha! The story really only serves to prove that my obsession delight in labelling and organizing things was inevitable. I have given up trying to fight the need.

So here are my newly-organized resources for all-things-ELA!

You can grab my labels, for both English and Maths by clicking the links to Google Drive, below. The Mathematics ones have been updated to include some requests. If you have any more requests, just leave me a message and I will add them to the set. I made them Mathematics as this covers both the US 'Math' and Australian 'Maths'. In the pink set, I included both 'ELA' and 'English'.

For Aussie readers, you can find the file boxes HERE at Officeworks. I have occasionally found them at Big W. 

If you would like to make your own set entirely, with different fonts and colours, check out this newly listed item in my TpT store!

Also,hope over to 'The Teaching Tribune' a collaborative blog I help out with, for more classroom organisational tips!

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Free for Today - Chevron Card Pages

HI friends! Just a quick post today to let you know I have listed a set of Chevron Card Pages in my TpT graphics store. I made them to help out another seller, and thought I would also share them with everyone for today only! They are a flash freebie - so head over now to grab them!

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FREE Take Home Note to Motivate and Reward

I am job sharing this year with a fan-tabulous teacher that was a mentor teacher for me in my first year out! How lucky am I?! Honestly, I can hardly believe I get paid - it is so much fun! Quite a few years back (insert muffled voice here of me revealing jut show old I am), she introduced me to the "Legend Letter'. We still use them! Small take-home notes/awards that let a student's family know that they have been a 'legend' at school. They are simple and easy to prepare and take seconds to hand out. Let me tell you, our little ones a busting all day to get one! 

I made something similar this week, as me - I like variety ;) And cute. Got to have cute! Well, why not? 

I came up with over 50 different 'take home notes' for you to whip up in minutes, and motivate your students for months!  

Here is a free sample - click on the image to grab from google drive! Thanks to Pink Cat Studio  for the adorable graphics!

You can just print, copy and chop them. You can print the 'back page' provided to record additional details, like your students' names. But this is optional. The aim of these notes is to provide an opportunity for a very easy fast reward!

They are EASY to prepare - put them on bright paper to make them fun! You can ask your students to color them as part of their reward. 

Print and copy a stack of them and have them ready on your desk. I like to prepare some at the beginning of the day, by getting a few signed and dated. The more 'instant' a reward - the better. 

There are over 50 notes in this file now, but I will be adding more soon. If you buy it now, you can download the extras for free as I add them!

What else have I been up to? Housework.  Preparing a Stick Kid Cutie calendar set, by request! It was a lot of fun to make, and I printed it off and popped it in my pocket chart just to make sure it all worked!

Find it here:

PLease do not forget to head over to The Teaching Tribune and enter a rafflecopter for your chance to win a great prize today! Kathy and Susan are blogging today - they are adorable and I am sure you will love them as much as I do! 


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Hot off the Press - Back to School Exclusive!

  I am thrilled to be a part of a team of 20 amazing teacher-bloggers! The only thing that could surpass the joy of working with these ladies is if we could actually have our own school to run! 

There is a LOT of information in this post. So for the visual learners like me, I will break it down for you! We have 3 exciting things to tell you about!

We have joined forces to celebrate the fact that it is almost time to go back to school in the northern hemisphere and that here in Australia we have just headed back for round 3 (third term), after a short Winter break!

1. We have a collaborative blog to show you!

2. We have prepared 20 'newspaper' themed FREE resources for you to hop along and collect
3. You may choose to enter a giant prize giveaway by collecting codes in each freebie!

I am the 18th stop on the hop!

I have made my 'Back to School Class Newspaper' packet FREE for this hop. It will revert to a priced item after the hop, so grab it now while you can! 

But this is not just an ordinary hop, as well as collecting freebies, you can take the additional step and collect codes for a chance to win one of ten great prizes!

EVERY DAY, FOR the next 10 DAYS, you will need to visit the final stop blog each day to enter to win and to see if you were the previous day’s winner! 

 To keep it fun and exciting, you won’t know what prize you have entered to win until the winner is announced the next day!

To win one of these great prizes, just follow these steps…

Step 1: You will need to download and print the Hot Off the Press Cheat Sheet.

Step 2:  You’ll need to collect your freebies. This hop will take you to all 20 blogs where you will collect freebies along the way. You can start at any of the blogs, follow the “next stop” buttons, and it will take you in a  loop to all 20 blogs.  The very last stop will be TheTeachingTribune

Step 3: Hidden in each freebie is a QR code. Find the QR code. You will need to scan all 20 QR codes for a cash value with your smart device.  For those of you without a smart device, head on over to Sugar and Spice where she has the solution for you!

After downloading the freebie at each blog stop, be sure to record the amount in the QR code onto your
cheat sheet.

Step 4: Once you have all 20 cash value amounts, add them up, then you will enter the total value  to win a prize a day on the Rafflecopter. All prizes will be posted on The Teaching Tribune blog

You will find one code in the freebie you downloaded from me, head to Teresa's blog now to grab your next freebies and code!

Flash Freebie - Noise Level Posters

I am having a flash freebie give-away! head over to my TpT store to collect my latest resource FREE today. 

These posters will help your Kindergarten students begin to manage noise levels in the classroom. I designed them specifically for Kindergarten, so they have only 3 noise options. 

1. Too Noisy
2. It's getting loud!
3. Perfect

Place them in a good position in the classroom, and switch them out as the need arises. Teach you students that when the red card is on display, they need to STOP (red for stop) what they are doing and think about their noise. When things get back to normal, you can put the green card out.

I would also recommend keeping a copy in your CORE DRAWERS. This way, when you are giving your final instructions to your class on the mat, you can remind them of your noise-level system by grabbing the cards from the 6th drawer. Remind them of 

1. what each card means
2. where they will be on display in the classroom
3. what they have to DO when they see each card

You will need to revise these 3 things with your new kinders for a few weeks until they get used to the system.  

 I am going to let you in on some exciting news.... something extra special is happening tomorrow. Do not miss it! PLease stop back again tomorrow so I can share the NEWS with you!

Got a Giveaway Goin' On ?

It's a Jungle Out There

Marie C (from It's a Jungle Out There!) is celebrating her 25th birthday! Oh to be 25 again!! He he! 

Head over to her blog to find out how you could win some fabulous prizes!

Do you have a giveaway goin' on this week? However big or small, please link up and let everyone know about it!

Win LOTS of Clipart!

Collaboration Cuties

Amanda and Stacia from Collaboration Cuties have 1000 blog followers! They are celebrating with a fun clipart giveaway! I have donated a $20 open order from our Graphics Store - hop over to their very cute blog to read about it! 

Another amazing clipart creator that I have recently found is hosting a give-away on Facebook and his blog! Mike from Crunchy with Ketchup: A Monster Wrangler's Blog  is giving away 5 free sets from his store! I am in love with his Alice in Wonderland set!

If you know of any more current clipart giveaways, please let us know by leaving a link in your comment!

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FUN Five Frames!

I am so excited about my new resource for Five Frames!

It includes 6 different activities/games/centers for helping students become familiar and work with five frames.

You will need to print and laminate the five frames. The set includes standard and random patterns for numbers 1-5.

Each activity requires students to use the five frames AND their worksheet to complete the task. They can carry out and record their learning on the worksheet! 

In the Make Ten game, students will choose a five frame and place it on their recording sheet...

And then work out how many more to make ten! And there is room for six rounds! 

(Don't worry I caught the typo on the worksheet and it has been fixed already!)

I would  love you to enter this rafflecopter to win a copy of this new resource, just leave a blog comment - too easy!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pencils and Crayons Go Back to School!

Today, we found some missing pencils to complete number sequences. We talked about numbers before/after.

There were lots!

We also sorted some mixed up crayons - getting them into order from the least to the greatest number.

These activities and five others can be found in my new 'Back to School' Print and Play Packet. I am going to out it on sale (20% off)  for today. If you would like to check it out, find it at TpT HERE