The Doubles Strategy for Addition

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Teaching addition just got a lot more fun! We just released Math Pack 32 - The Doubles Strategy for Addition. 

This collection of 5 math games/centers will complement your math program and lessons. Use them to help 
  • introduce key concepts in whole class input lessons
  • engage small groups of learners in math rotations
  • teach specific targeted concepts in guided math mini lessons
The printable games will engage your learners and help them:
  • learn single digit doubles facts for addition
  • learn the doubles plus 1 strategy
  • learn the doubles plus 2 strategy
  • learn doubles of multiples of ten from 10-50

Butterfly Double

This engaging activity will see your students recognize an addition problem as a 'double fact' and record it.
Doubles Strategy for Addition

Near Double Bug

This activity can be used as a write-n-wipe center, with learners recording their answers directly on the cards, or you can ask them to use the bugs as task cards and record their learning on the worksheet with a pencil. 

Learners will practice the 'double plus one' strategy - or 'near doubles'. 

Doubles Strategy for Addition

We provided these cards in both dot patterns and numerals.

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Double Towers

Double Towers allows your students to achieve a more kinaesthetic appreciation of the doubles strategy for addition. The block tower cards can be laminated and compared by holding them directly on top of each other or side-by-side. It would be worthwhile to have your students also build matching towers from connecting cubes.

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Here your students can clearly see the double - 2+2 and the near-double, 2+3. 

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Big Doubles

This fun take on a traditional 'spin and cover' game will have your learners transfer their knowledge of single digit addition over to multiples of ten. If they know 2 + 2 = 4, show them how easy it is to solve 20 + 20.

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Doubles Strategy for Addition

Double +2 Train

For this game we created a visual to show how a known double fact can be partitioned from a harder addition and used to solve it quickly.  The last carriage of the train will show the 2 being partitioned off, leaving the double to be used with fluency and 2 more added in the final step.

Doubles Strategy for Addition

For example, in solving 4 + 6, students can partition 6 into 4 and 2, use the double 4 fact and then add on the 2 to make 10.

Doubles Strategy for Addition

These 5 games can help transform your week of math lessons or workshops into an engaging hive of fun activity! Each includes a recording worksheet and a cover page to help you stay organized!

Hop over to TpT to find it listed now!

A Ladybug Clock

The Grouchy Ladybug Eric Carle

The Grouchy Ladybug

We just love The Grouchy Ladybug! It has been a favorite in our home library for quite a few years.

A grouchy ladybug works his way through an array of gradually increasing opponents as he challenges them each to a fight, in an attempt to prove it is easier to fight than share.

His bullish threats are met calmly by all the animals as they politely stand up for themselves.

Intertwined with the gently repetitive structure is a link to time as the clock on each page records how the tiny bully wastes his day! The clock shows intervals of 15 minutes, which is a fabulous way to look at elapsed time with your students.

By the slap of a whale tail, our grouchy, wet, tired and hungry friend is right back where he started from - in the graceful company of the friendly ladybug who helps him to dinner. 

If you would like a copy of this beloved classic, consider using our Amazon Affilate link: The Grouchy Ladybug

Ladybug Clock Craft

We sent our newsletter subscribers an exclusive freebie today - a ladybug clock craft.

It is also now in the VIP Bonus Library where all our exclusive freebies are archived for permanent access. If you'd like to become a Pond VIP, find out more HERE

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Cute Classroom Posters Set 4

We have had such wonderful feedback about our Cute Classroom Posters and how much your students connect with the messages and big bright bold pictures. 

Set 1, 2 and 3 have provided you with lots of delicious cuteness but we are so excited to show you set 4!

From the feedback we have been given, we know that you will love:
  • that they are kid-friendly;
  • being able to combine them with lessons in character education;
  • the option of a blackline version - especially for your little ones to color;
  • how many compliments you receive when you display them in your learning space;
  • the vibrant colors; and
  • the fun phrases!
We have heard some wonderful creative uses for them too! People have:
  • put them in frames to display in bedrooms as well as classrooms;
  • printed them small (use multiple pages per sheet option) to use as 'brag tags';
  • popped them in colleague's mailboxes as a pick-me-up; and
  • used the blackline version to create a hallway displays.
Take a peek at the cuties in Set 4. We printed the blackline versions and colored them with pencil. Remember that a colored set is included too - choose what works best for you!

Be Meaningful

Cute Classroom Posters

Believe you can

Cute Classroom Posters

Choose to be happy 

Cute Classroom Posters

Do the right thing

Cute Classroom Posters

Every day is a new adventure 

Cute Classroom Posters

Explore the day

Cute Classroom Posters

Have courage 

Cute Classroom Posters

Kind is cool

Make today count

Cute Classroom Posters

See the good

Cute Classroom Posters

You are unique

Cute Classroom Posters

You're amazing just the way you are

Cute Classroom Posters

Find Cute Posters Set 4 over in our TpT store!

We would love to share an extra poster with you today, that is not in any of the current sets. 'Look up' is a lovely fun way to remind students to keep going when times get tough.

Cute Classroom Posters

Included in the download is also a blackline version so you can save on ink and color yoru posters or turn it into a creative activity for your students. Find this free sample in google drive: Look Up Free Classroom Poster and Coloring Page

Ladybug Drawing

Ladybug! Ladybug!
Fly away home.

We drew ladybugs here in our creative space recently and would love to show you the steps we took so you can draw one too. 

Steps to draw a ladybug

1. Draw a big curve - like a tall rainbow!

2. Draw a second, smaller curve on the inside. 

3. Draw a line across the bottom.

4. Draw six legs and little feet underneath. 

5. Draw some curly antennae. 

6. Draw some big oval eyes. 

7. Draw some rosy cheeks and a big happy grin!

8. Draw some big beautiful spots on her body!

9. Get your paints out and add some color!

We do hope you get a chance to do some ladybug drawings too. 

If you are a Pond VIP, take a peek in the 'exclusive' section of the library for printable pages to match this project. 

We have a huge range of directed drawing packets over in our TpT store. Find them HERE

Love-a-Bug Screen Wallpaper

Ladybugs are one of my most favorite things to draw! I've added some love bugs to my screens this week and I can't wait to share it with you too. Make your home and classroom electronic boards, iPads, computers and phones happy and bright this week with these cuties:

Simply download the images from google drive from the links below. Store them on your camera roll and choose them for your screen saver and/or wallpaper!

Find the Computer Screensaver HERE
and the Phone Screensaver HERE

{These are for your personal use only and cannot be redistributed or shared}

Coordinating Printables

I've also added this design, in print quality to the 'Banner and Paper' pack. This pack allows you to coordinate your home office or classroom elements with printable papers, folder covers and banner pennants.

I slipped it into the cover of my new teacher diary and love how it looks!

Do you love decorating your teacher desk space?
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Thank you so much for visiting us here on the blog. Have a beautiful, happy week.