I'm still in that awkward post-Christmas not-yet-new-year weird void where it is even more difficult than normal to determine the date and/or time. 

I shared this picture on Instagram this evening (when I truly thought it was a tiny smidgy little bit after midday). In keeping with my I-have-no-idea-what-day-it-is general mood, I also switched my home office around 180 and am facing the door instead of the window. Hello, new perspective! Who would have thought it would make such a difference. I feel all new again. And a bit like I am in a real office waiting for people to come into see me. He he he. 

 Annette (on Instagram) mentioned that she would like to print out the 'create' banner. 

So here it is friends, a little bit of what I like to call 'desk decor' (why should our classroom get all the attention, right?!). Just download from Google Drive and print if you would like to fancy up your desk for the week too. 

If you are in NSW Australia, and starting to think about your classroom decor - find the bundle I have put together with Deanna Jump in my TpT store HERE

Farm Friends Help with Counting!

Hi friends!

I am just checking in quickly to let you know that I have revised another of my TpT listings

Farm Friends Counting Pack will help your little ones in the very early stages of counting. They simply:

1.  roll
2. identify the number on the dice (use dots or numbers to differentiate)
3. count out the correct number of animals
4. place them on their game mat

To differentiate this activity for your learners you can:

- use dice with bigger numbers
- ask students to keep a cumulative total
- ask students to 'double' their roll number (e.g if they roll a 2, they collect 4 animals)
- as your students to 'add 1' or 'take 1' from their roll number
- multiply by 3 e.g. if they roll a 2 they take 6 animals

Included is:

Count the Sheep

Count the Ducks

Count the Cows

Count the Pigs 

If you have purchased the license for this bundle from me in the past, please download the fresh new printables from your 'My Purchases' tab!

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by!

Penguin Poster + Coloring Page FREEBIE

I told my family I was tidying the house while they played cricket outside in the thick humid heat today. 

I DID tidy most of the house and then stopped to do a quick sketch. As you do.

A few hours later I am here with a free download. How do a few hours always feel like minutes to me?

Anyhow - if you have no idea what I am talking about, you may like to hop over to Instagram and follow the little stories from my profile page today (I think you have to be on your phone). If you did sit through them, bless your heart. 

Here is a printable poster page I created and it has a backline version for your sweeties to color in!

Find it in Google Drive HERE

Have a lovely day - I am off to fuss over the family now ;) 

- Mel xx

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons with your loved ones! Here is a little gift from me - a new FREE font! Find it on my blog sidebar (keep scrolling down the page and find the links in the right sidebar) or click below to find it in my TpT store!

Lots of love

Mel x

Sprinkle Kindness

Encourage your students to think of ways they can 'sprinkle kindness' around the classroom and record them on a cupcake display for your door, bulletin board or window! 

You can add little sticky page flags to your display to appear as cute 'sprinkles'!

A backline version of the cupcakes and posters are included in this printable packet so you can choose to have your students color them!

Have a super sweet day, friends! 

- Mel x

Butterfly Roll & Color Freebie + Resource Updates

I have a fun roll and color freebie for you today - perfect for subitizing and early number skills!

Find this fun Butterfly Roll and Color in Google Drive HERE

I always like my kiddos to shade the number key in the matching colours before they commence the game as a little introduction to the lesson. In this activity, students will be getting lots of practice 'subitizing' as they roll and check their dice, key and the numbered picture. They will be correlating the dot pattern, numeral and value of each roll as they check back and forth on each turn. 

Each time they roll, look, think and check, they are reinforcing this connection between pattern, quantity and numeral. We want our students to practice that as many times as possible, so it become automatic. Some students require a LOT more practice with this than others. 

{There is an Elf Themed Roll and Color on a previous post HERE}

I've recently revised my Butterfly Bingo packet and included a few additional games to play, so students can get additional practice with numbers to ten. 

Butterfly Flutter will help them identify all numerals 0-10. 

As will Butterfly Bingo!

Butterfly Roll will have them thinking about number order.

And Butterfly Clip Cards will get them counting out a set of objects to match each numeral. 

If you have purchased this license for your classroom, head over to TpT to re-download the newly revised printables! 

Have a lovely day friends!

- Mel x


Color in the Classroom

I used to have a little stash of giant blue paper rolls for my classroom. Soft blue, very peaceful and  'cooling' apparently. I ran out last year and used black for the majority of my classroom bulletin boards and 'base color'. Having never used black before, I was nervous. But it turned out beautifully.

I used $2 plastic tablecloths from K.Mart after finding rolls of black paper proved to be quite difficult. I used pink, blue and yellow as additional feature colours in my room - little splashes here and there. 

I am starting to plan ideas for 2017 and I am leaning towards blue or green again. If you're about to plan classroom decor, use the list above to think about how colour might affect feelings and behaviour in the classroom. I think simplicity in a palette is important, and try to stick to a maximum of 4 colours for feature objects and displays.

I've just added a new printable to the 'My Cute Classroom' series in my TpT store. These 'display in a day' packets help you create a fun bulletin board, door or window display easily and quickly in your room. They contain editable and backline elements so your students can contribute creatively if you have the time!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - I hope you are having a fabulous week! 

- Mel x

Five for Friday

Five for Friday is on vacation, but surprisingly, I was somewhat prepared this week - so here we go.... 5 random happenings from my week!

made us super excited and happy for more Christmas preparations in my house!

2. This is the Box Car
My 4 year old eagerly anticipates seeing this every Saturday at swimming school. Fascinates him. Every. Week. Without. Fail. 
I took a photo so I can tuck it away on my phone and drag it out next time I need an hour of silence. 
Not even kidding. 
Boys .......... 

3. This nifty little paragraph 
resonated with me on Thursday. 
Only a few pages left! Where did the year go?!

What a fabulous year 2016 has been! My best piece of advice if you're looking for an improved 2017 is to turn your TV off.

4. Lego! 
With minimal TV you have plenty of hours to fill. Draw. Read. Create. Build. 
We are crazy for Lego and had a ball looking {hello Santa} at this massive selection last weekend. 

5. The lizards are out!
Lazing idily in the sun, or making the best of their current conditions? 
It was fun watching this one hop up the steps!

Have a fabulous weekend - doing whatever it is that brings you peace. 

- Mel x

Snowman Addition and Subtraction Activity

Always always always a favorite! Your games and activities are so simple to use and always right on point with standards!
Thanks Sherese with think so too! Do you need a snowman activity to engage your students in learning addition and subtraction facts this winter? Check this one out!

Snowman Clip will help students consolidate their math facts and also improve their fine motor control.

Students will enjoy solving the addition and subtraction problems on the snowman and 'clipping' the ones that match the numeral!
  • Answers are in the range 5-20. 16 snowman cards are included.
  • A printable recording worksheet and cover page provided too.
  • Find them in my TpT store HERE

Free Christmas Subtraction Game

Santa's Sleigh Drop is a fun and FREE subtraction game to get your kiddos modelling subtraction!

Use it with the 20 or 10 frame alternatives. It has been downloaded over 85000 times on TpT and is one of my favourites.  

Find it in my TpT store HERE

Have a great day! 

- Mel x

Monday Got Me

Until I had a coffee and then it was all sunshine, rainbows and cupcakes. 

Except the cupcake was a mint from my top drawer and a chocolate frog from the prize box, because I forgot recess. 

And 'a coffee' may well have been 3. Or 4. 

Never mind......wishing you a fabulous Monday! {But don't you feel bad for being a tiny little bit grumpy for a few minutes}. 

- Mel x

Christmas Card Freebie + 2D Shape Art Projects

We like making a new Christmas card each year! This one incorporates one of my scrappy Santa drawings and can be downloaded for FREE from Google Drive HERE

It has a rounded shape so will not stand up on a shelf - but looks great hanging or attached to a gift.

I've finally finished the Christmas version of my 2D shape crafts and you can make all 6 fun projects, or just choose one! 

Find it in my TpT store on sale for today! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I wish you a very happy and replaced weekend. If your week was anything like mine, you may have felt a little brain fried by Friday!

- Mel x