Farm Friends Help with Counting!

Hi friends!

I am just checking in quickly to let you know that I have revised another of my TpT listings

Farm Friends Counting Pack will help your little ones in the very early stages of counting. They simply:

1.  roll
2. identify the number on the dice (use dots or numbers to differentiate)
3. count out the correct number of animals
4. place them on their game mat

To differentiate this activity for your learners you can:

- use dice with bigger numbers
- ask students to keep a cumulative total
- ask students to 'double' their roll number (e.g if they roll a 2, they collect 4 animals)
- as your students to 'add 1' or 'take 1' from their roll number
- multiply by 3 e.g. if they roll a 2 they take 6 animals

Included is:

Count the Sheep

Count the Ducks

Count the Cows

Count the Pigs 

If you have purchased the license for this bundle from me in the past, please download the fresh new printables from your 'My Purchases' tab!

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