I'm still in that awkward post-Christmas not-yet-new-year weird void where it is even more difficult than normal to determine the date and/or time. 

I shared this picture on Instagram this evening (when I truly thought it was a tiny smidgy little bit after midday). In keeping with my I-have-no-idea-what-day-it-is general mood, I also switched my home office around 180 and am facing the door instead of the window. Hello, new perspective! Who would have thought it would make such a difference. I feel all new again. And a bit like I am in a real office waiting for people to come into see me. He he he. 

 Annette (on Instagram) mentioned that she would like to print out the 'create' banner. 

So here it is friends, a little bit of what I like to call 'desk decor' (why should our classroom get all the attention, right?!). Just download from Google Drive and print if you would like to fancy up your desk for the week too. 

If you are in NSW Australia, and starting to think about your classroom decor - find the bundle I have put together with Deanna Jump in my TpT store HERE