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Hi lovely friends! It feels like FOREVER since I have had a chance to have a good long chat with you. I've been delightfully busy! The kind of busy that comes with building a nest for 23 amazing students who I have come to absolutely adore. 

They melt my heart, and lift my heart and warm my heart. Every. Single. Day. 

Amazing things happen when you are having fun - so they say, right? Well my little old blog just clicked over to 2 million and-a-bit views! 

Thank YOU! I appreciate you so much!

Zoo Animal 2d Shape Craft + A Freebie


I have finally finished the zoo animal edition of my '2D Shape Craft' series! 

It includes a shape project for elephant, giraffe, hips, lion, monkey, koala, tiger and giraffe. 



Students love creating these and each child's work shows individuality and character when displayed. Your students can count and record the number and types of shapes used in their picture. 

Would you like to try a sample from this packet? I created this additional 'panda' project to let you!

Find it in Google Drive HERE

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Categories of Verbs

I created a few interactive notebook activities to help explain the different categories of verbs - 
doing, saying, thinking, feeling, being and having. 

You can find it in my TpT resource collection by clicking the image below:

Display a fun poster to help your students visualize the different categories and to introduce your lesson. This is FREE and you can 

download it from Google Drive HERE

You may also like my poster for pronouns to accompany this - find it HERE

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Sunshine Clipart for Teachers

Happy weekend! I wanted to share with you a detailed look at my new clipart bundle! This mega pack of 9 sunshine-themed sets have been designed with teachers and classrooms in mind!

It includes:

1. Sunshine Feelings

2. Sunshine Digital Papers and Frames

3. Sunshine Puzzles

4. Sunshine Shapes (say that quickly 3 times!)

5. Sunshine Spinners

6. Sunshine 10 and 20 Frames

7. Sunshine Worksheet Helpers

8. Sunshine Sign Kids - a new addition to my Crazy Kids collection


9. Rainbow of Sunshine

I have discounted the bundle significantly for early birds and to help my fellow Australians out with the currency conversion. It is just $9 at the moment, and you can find it HERE in my store.

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Popsicle Art - Tints and Shades



We learnt about tints and shades last week and made some fun popsicle art projects. 


Kiddos LOVE learning the skill of gradually adding white (or black) to achieve different levels of the one color. 

I've combined all my instructions and templates in a printable packet for my TpT resource collection.

Find it HERE

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Counting by Tens

A fun game to help your students learn to skip count is called 'Buzz'. It is played frequently in classrooms all over the word I am sure, with varying rules and formats. Here is how I play:

Students stand in a circle and a multiple is selected (e.g. 10s). Students take turns to count a number each, around the circle in forward counting sequence by 1s. Each time a multiple of 10 is reached, the student says 'BUZZ' instead of the number. The students following 'BUZZ' must remember to count-on to the next number. 

If a student forgets, and says the real number they must sit out. Counting begins from one again. The winner is the last student standing.

If you were using '5' as your multiple for example, the counting would go "one, two, three, four, buzz, six, seven, eight, nine, buzz, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, buzz....." and so on.

You could challenge older students by starting at a number other than one. 

The newly-listed mathtivity in my store can assist your students in visualising counting-by-tens. You can ask them to record the traditional 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 ... and so on, or challenge them by starting with a random number (e.g. 15 as shown in my photo). 

This packet is on sale (50% off) for today.

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Five for Friday - 12th May 2016

Finally! I LOVE Five for Friday and am loving that I have made time this week to link up! 

1. Mother's Day
Last Sunday I had a wonderful day with my family.

2. It's getting cold!
I can feel the approach of winter on my morning walks. I live on a hillside, and last week I walked under some low lying clouds. 

3. A friend for lunch

You may know about my aversion to brown/gray feathered creatures....... BUT this guy had enough blue feathers to be considered a welcome guest. So pretty.

4. Cookies Yum Yum!
I added a new 'mathtivity' to my resource collection. This munching friend will help your students understand the concept of subtraction. 

5. Happy Weekend

It is time to rest and recharge! Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day. 

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FREE Caterpillar Count

It is Teacher Appreciation week and I have a little surprise for you! My latest math write'n'wipe activity is FREE to download in my TpT store. Simply click on the image below to find it. Your students will fill in the missing numbers and record the forward number sequences on their recording sheet. As an alternative, you could ask them to use number tiles or magnetic numbers. 

While you are over at TpT be sure to check out my whole story for 20% off savings! If you use the code 'CELEBRATE' in checkout, you will also score and ADDITIONAL 10% off from the site. 

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