Counting by Tens

A fun game to help your students learn to skip count is called 'Buzz'. It is played frequently in classrooms all over the word I am sure, with varying rules and formats. Here is how I play:

Students stand in a circle and a multiple is selected (e.g. 10s). Students take turns to count a number each, around the circle in forward counting sequence by 1s. Each time a multiple of 10 is reached, the student says 'BUZZ' instead of the number. The students following 'BUZZ' must remember to count-on to the next number. 

If a student forgets, and says the real number they must sit out. Counting begins from one again. The winner is the last student standing.

If you were using '5' as your multiple for example, the counting would go "one, two, three, four, buzz, six, seven, eight, nine, buzz, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, buzz....." and so on.

You could challenge older students by starting at a number other than one. 

The newly-listed mathtivity in my store can assist your students in visualising counting-by-tens. You can ask them to record the traditional 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 ... and so on, or challenge them by starting with a random number (e.g. 15 as shown in my photo). 

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