The Best Year Yet

So here we are looking 2014 right in the eye - how did that happen!? I am so glad that I can kick off 2014 with some super sweet blog friends of mine.

Take a break from thinking about New Year's Resolutions and enjoy a fun blog hop...we all think you're perfect just the way you are!

From New Year's Ever to January 2nd, you can pick up exclusive freebies along the way AND enter a rafflecopter to win some fun prizes!

Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter at The Teaching Tribune for your chance to win one of these fabulous prizes.

Today I would love to share with you my new "Print, Cut, Make, Read" reader, called 'Hat on a Rat"!  Simply click on the picture to take you to my store to download it.

Copy the pages, and staple 4 times down the side. Cut down the middle - now you have 2 readers!

Ask your students to shade the pictures on the worksheet - and cut them out.

Students will then be required to read each sentence and find the matching picture!

Before pasting it into position on the correct page!

I hope you like it!

I know how much you love bundles, so by request, I have put this one together that will contain all my interactive readers (not alphabet ones). I will keep adding them until we reach the TpT limit! I have it listed at 50% off for the fist day, so you might like to grab it an this very special early bird price! AND my store is on SALE! Waahoooo!! 

While you're at my store you may also want to check out this new product, just perfect for those first few weeks back at school. This 'Letters of the Alphabet Pinning Pages" resource will help you provide fun fine motor and phonics activities for your sweeties!

Students will pin to create a nice big outline of the letter shapes. 

Just staple a bright piece of paper behind the pinning page.

Put it down on a newspaper stack or carpet square... and get pinning!

Take the staple out and you have some bright pages to display on your windows with the light shining through! 

Students can write words on the top page and shade the picture in, instead of just throwing it away. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop!

Be sure to continue the circle on the blog hop by clicking the "NEXT" button below.

We truly hope that 2014 is your best year yet and that it brings you good health, happiness and many other good things.

FREE Photo Booth Props for New Years

We are loving photo booth props at the moment - they are a seriously fun way to capture great memories with family, friends AND in the classroom.

Why in the classroom? Because shy kids LOVE them. You will probably find, like I did, that children that often FLAT OUT refuse to have their photo taken, and pout and frown, will feel MUCH better about it all, by using some fun props.

Case in point, my normally, SUPER shy daughter! Here she is getting ready for the new year!

You can have some fun with New Year photos, by downloading this FREE file HERE

And if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate photo booth props into the classroom - take a look at this Print and Make Calendar resource. You can combine fun photos with adorable poems written by Deanna to make precious calendars to send home to students' families! 

Say cheese!! 

I loved working on this resource with Deanna - SO much fun!

Thanks for stopping by friends! 

Frogs and Stuff

How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful. I felt rushed and busy in the days leading up, but everything came together on Christmas Eve and I had one of the more relaxing of the last few years. The days since Christmas Day have been wonderful. It is fun to wake up each day with 'no routine' and no firm plans.

Today we went for a walk. I have consumed more sugar in the last week than the rest of the year combined. SO we passed a pond that is nearby to my house. And who should jump out from behind a tree and RIGHT in front of me. This adorable little guy. I almost stood on him. I know. I mean, seriously - is that not the universe trying to tell me something or what. 

NOT slimy at all my friends. I really wanted to take him home with us, but returned him back close to the pond. I loved how perfect and bright his skin was, and was amazed at how tiny he was and how fast he moved. 

We took photos to show my daughter when we got home, and it was not long before she had made these adorable paper crafts. I got the frog, hubs got the tiger - because, you know, 'boys like tigers'! I then spent the rest of the day rescuing poor paper frog from being completely crumpled by a VERY excited 20 month old.  

A few of these were consumed, while I was yawn waiting for the last cricket match to be played.
Yum.. No more sugar. From tomorrow. I promise.

There could possibly be a few chocolate finger prints, within the pages of my new kikki K diary now. Well, it's quite likely. I get one of these diaries from my MIL each Christmas, and another fave waiting-for-the-hubs-to-finish-watching-yawn-chicket-so-our-Summer-can-start is filling in all my important dates.  And smelling the delicious aroma of brand new paper and print. Hmmmmmm. LOVE!

I was excited to see Deanna list her new product - Print & Make Calendar. I felt like the luckiest kindergarten-teacher-and-wannabe-artist in the world to get to work alongside her on this one! 

You can use the pages in this file to make a gift calendar for your students' families. Each month features a double page that combines a fun seasonal poem, space for a photo-booth themed photo of the student, and a full page sized calendar.

You can find it in Deanna's store right now, at a special early bird price!

And I have a very special gift about to come your way - here is a clue! Stay tuned and I will give you more details very soon. 

Before I go, I want to remind you of the wonderful Linky Party over at Mr Hughes' blog. If you are a teacher, you will find links to tons of great FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS. If you are a teacher-author, you can link up and let the world know about your freebie. So head on over and join in the fun - and as Mr Hughes would say - YOU ROCK!

Thanks so much for stopping by friends!


I am linking up with Brandi from A Peach for the Teach to share with you some resolutions that I am going to make for the New Year. I love resolutions as I am the sort of person that cannot sit still. Have you noticed? I love changing, improving and am constantly plagued with new ideas. Relaxing over the holidays will be a struggle.

A Peach for the Teach: Behavior Supports & Multi-Age

Anyhoo... here are some ideas I have for 2014

1. Personal - I need to walk more. From when I was 16 to when I had my babies (yep they do that to you!) I started EVERY day with an hour's walk. I swear by it for fixing just about everything - from your physical to mental health and everything in between! I need to get back into it and move this bloggy butt!

2. Professional - Here in Australia we are about to commence a brand new curriculum and I need to get my head around it quick smart! Thankfully it is not TOO different to how we already teach in my state of NSW. I wonder if I can sprinkle some cupcakes and stick kids somewhere in there somehow... ?!

3. Classroom - I job share with the best my beautiful person in the world. She is simply amazing and probably does not realise how very special she is to everyone that meets her. I feel so blessed just to have met her and call her a true friend, let alone teach WITH her. As wonderful as she is organisation is not her strength. The best part is, she knows it, embraces it and we laugh about it together (yes, amazing person!) This year, I am bringing in the filing cabinet. Oh yeah, we are going to get sorted!

4. Blog/TpT - I like to be busy, we have covered that. I have more that I want to do than I will ever be able to complete. I have felt like this my whole life, and at times I let it consume me. This year I am going to be better at shifting the way I view it, and look at all my ideas as options, not a to-do list. I often get so focused on my goals and churning through tasks that I forget to look around. I said sometimes! I do have days where I cannot focus on my own tasks and meander around the Internet chatting and helping people too. Hopefully this year I can balance it all better. I want to be even better at noticing people around me and being sensitive to what they need and how I can include them in my journey.

5. Fun - Save for Vegas. The TpT conference is coming up. I am not sure I can save enough to get there for 2014, but I want to aim for AT LEAST 2015! I have not had a holiday longer than 2 days in 12 years, and it is LOONG overdue!

Please join in the fun and link up with Brandi!

Stick Kid Cuties!

If you love my Stic Kid Cuties classroom theme resources, I have just created a bundle!

 There is LOTS more to come, and I will be adding to this packet as they are made. I have only listed it at $9 ($4.50 for today), as an introductory offer, to compensate those people that may have already purchased some of the individual items already. As I add a few more, the price will reflect the growing contents. 

You can find the file in my TpT store, by clicking HERE!

hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve! Thanks for stopping by friends!

An Early Christmas Present

I am not sure how much I will be around in the next few days, as believe it or not, I still have Christmas shopping to complete!

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you all for being the best and most fabulous followers ever and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope your year has been rewarding as mine. 

I made this scrappy Christmas Placement to help keep my daughter occupied today. She is going to get them coloured and ready for the adults that will be at our table on Christmas day. I am going to print and have ready, one for each child, and they can colour them on the day, at the table. We all know how kids get at the table! I will have some clear plastic sleeves ready to slide them into before the plate goes down (I am thinking a warm plate on crayon may end up in a bit of a mess)! 

I have also made little foldable place setting cards.

Here is one she has started already:

All you will need to do is print them out and you are all set! 

Find it FREE at Google Drive HERE

Have a wonderful day and wish me luck at the shops! 

F for FREE and Scrappy Pages!

 I'm-so-very-excited-about-this new product - A-Z Scrappy Coloring Pages!

These 26 pages will help motivate and interest your students as they learn the single sounds of the alphabet. They will also be perfect for creating fun bright headers and bulletin board signs in your classroom.

Each page is hand drawn and is scrapp-ing-ly different!

You can find the file, in my TpT store, by clicking on the image below!

You can also try a 'F' page for FREE by grabbing it from Google Drive below!

If you loved the first Bump and Jump file for addition, you may like to check out this new subtraction edition, just listed in Deanna's store! I am so very very lucky to have had the chance to work with such a sweet and humble lady again.

You can also find this VERY cute freebie in her store also, I cannot wait to get it printed and ready to play with my daughter. She is on summer break and we are doing all sorts of fun things to stay busy and out of the heat. This is perfect and I just know she will love it!

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Ultimate Pack of 20 Number Games

I wanted to stop by and show you my brand new - Numbers to 20 Ultimate Pack! 

It is 50% off for now!

These games each normally sell for around $3 each. You can grab 20 of them today, for NOT $60, NOT $15, but $7.50!!

Each file features a printable number game that targets a specific skill area, a worksheet AND a cover page (to get your resource tubs and folders looking lovely!). 

I have had this set on my to-do list since LAST December, so it feels great to have it finished!

Find it HERE at TpT

You will be ready to print and play in no time!

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Ladybugs and Blends

I just added a few extra pages to our Sound Set bundle, so if you have it, re-download from your 'My Purchases' to grab the additions to the ladybug game.

Students will be motivated and challenged to identify the 22 consonant blends (that come in the initial position of words), as they help the ladybirds to fly away from the game play.

Children should learn ccvc words after learning single sounds and cvc words.

Games such as this will make that learning fun!

The second game, called 'Ladybird Leaf' will require students to match the consonant blends to words. All the words used can be sounded-out and are mostly ccvc words.

This file features a teaching tips page, 2 detailed instruction sheets, game cards and boards, 2 worksheets (for follow-up work) and 2 cover pages (to get your tubs and folders organized).

Speaking of ladybirds / ladybugs, my daughter is keenly interested in my latest 'scrappy coloring pages' AND reading through the entire collection of Beatrix Potter books in this, her first week of Summer Break.

Last night I read The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher to her. Mr Fisher lived amongst the buttercups at the edge of a pond. I wish he was greener, he is unfortunately not the cutest frog in the world. We giggled at the end of the story when he treated himself to a beautiful dinner - roasted grasshopper with ladybird sauce. And so, this scrappy ladybird sheet was devised! Grab it free from google drive by clicking on the image below.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

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