5 For Friday - Christmas is Coming!

How can it be Saturday already? Well its Friday somewhere in the world, so that makes me feel a little better. Friday is my all-time-best-most-favourite day of the whole week! I LOVE it! It might have something to do with my tendency to abandon all rules and carefully created routines on a Friday. Friday is my fun day. Its my fat day (yes yummy delicious foods are consumed with abandon on a Friday - that's the rule).

Friday also is a great day for blogging about 5 random things. Today I will tell you 5 random things about Christmas, as my friends, the Christmas-xiety is creeping up BIG time! I REALLY need to start my shopping!

1. At least the tree has been started. This year, after 10 years married, my hubby and I finally purchased our own tree. I had got a hand-me-down from my mum, and its was time to get something a wee bit more grand! This one nearly reaches the ceiling!

2. I dream of having a coordinated Christmas with stylish little decorations, but my big soft mooshy heart takes over, and I just HAVE to put ALL of my decorations on to share in the Christmas season. Each of my decorations has a little story of history, and if you have an hour or so to fall asleep, come visit me and I will bore you with the details of each one. There are decorations from my childhood, gifts from previous students, one decoration from each of my grandparents (now in heaven), a gaudy red glitter ball from the 70s that reminds me of my parents house... 

some of the most special are these precious glass ones - handcrafted in Europe. My mum has purchased one each year for me, since I was 13. They are very special and delicate. I love them. Each gets carefully wrapped and packed in its own special box when we take the tree down. I have started the tradition with my own children, and now have their decorations to hang each year too!

3. My daughter has started her Summer vacation. Craft is one of her great loves, and we started this Santa collage this morning. Love these times with my girl. 

4. Head over to Teachable Moments to grab this fun 'Winter Count, Tally and Graph'!

5. And to google drive to snag this FREE scrappy colouring page!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope your Christmas preparations are going well!