Frogs and Stuff

How was your Christmas? Mine was wonderful. I felt rushed and busy in the days leading up, but everything came together on Christmas Eve and I had one of the more relaxing of the last few years. The days since Christmas Day have been wonderful. It is fun to wake up each day with 'no routine' and no firm plans.

Today we went for a walk. I have consumed more sugar in the last week than the rest of the year combined. SO we passed a pond that is nearby to my house. And who should jump out from behind a tree and RIGHT in front of me. This adorable little guy. I almost stood on him. I know. I mean, seriously - is that not the universe trying to tell me something or what. 

NOT slimy at all my friends. I really wanted to take him home with us, but returned him back close to the pond. I loved how perfect and bright his skin was, and was amazed at how tiny he was and how fast he moved. 

We took photos to show my daughter when we got home, and it was not long before she had made these adorable paper crafts. I got the frog, hubs got the tiger - because, you know, 'boys like tigers'! I then spent the rest of the day rescuing poor paper frog from being completely crumpled by a VERY excited 20 month old.  

A few of these were consumed, while I was yawn waiting for the last cricket match to be played.
Yum.. No more sugar. From tomorrow. I promise.

There could possibly be a few chocolate finger prints, within the pages of my new kikki K diary now. Well, it's quite likely. I get one of these diaries from my MIL each Christmas, and another fave waiting-for-the-hubs-to-finish-watching-yawn-chicket-so-our-Summer-can-start is filling in all my important dates.  And smelling the delicious aroma of brand new paper and print. Hmmmmmm. LOVE!

I was excited to see Deanna list her new product - Print & Make Calendar. I felt like the luckiest kindergarten-teacher-and-wannabe-artist in the world to get to work alongside her on this one! 

You can use the pages in this file to make a gift calendar for your students' families. Each month features a double page that combines a fun seasonal poem, space for a photo-booth themed photo of the student, and a full page sized calendar.

You can find it in Deanna's store right now, at a special early bird price!

And I have a very special gift about to come your way - here is a clue! Stay tuned and I will give you more details very soon. 

Before I go, I want to remind you of the wonderful Linky Party over at Mr Hughes' blog. If you are a teacher, you will find links to tons of great FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS. If you are a teacher-author, you can link up and let the world know about your freebie. So head on over and join in the fun - and as Mr Hughes would say - YOU ROCK!

Thanks so much for stopping by friends!

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