FREE Photo Booth Props for New Years

We are loving photo booth props at the moment - they are a seriously fun way to capture great memories with family, friends AND in the classroom.

Why in the classroom? Because shy kids LOVE them. You will probably find, like I did, that children that often FLAT OUT refuse to have their photo taken, and pout and frown, will feel MUCH better about it all, by using some fun props.

Case in point, my normally, SUPER shy daughter! Here she is getting ready for the new year!

You can have some fun with New Year photos, by downloading this FREE file HERE

And if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate photo booth props into the classroom - take a look at this Print and Make Calendar resource. You can combine fun photos with adorable poems written by Deanna to make precious calendars to send home to students' families! 

Say cheese!! 

I loved working on this resource with Deanna - SO much fun!

Thanks for stopping by friends!