Sunday, 19 April 2015

Earth Day Art Project

It is time for another Bright Ideas blog hop! These are blog link-ups full of wonderful and practical classroom ideas. There are no purchase or downloads required for any of them, and they will feature resources and equipment that you will hopefully already have in your classroom.

My idea for April is an art project for Earth Day. This art project can be done on newspaper to encourage the idea of recycling with your students.

Give them each a sheet of newspaper and direct them in the following drawing:




I used a black oil crayon to do the drawing and then mixed up some food colouring with water for the paint. I find that the food colouring mixture works better on newsprint and gives a lovely smooth and vibrant result. 


Once dry, I trimmed the edges and it is ready for display! 

I love collecting and finding art project ideas and pin them to my Art Ideas pinterst board. Click below to find and follow my board!

Please look through the link-up below for more April Bright Ideas! 

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Five for Friday

It is time for my favourite link-up of all time - Five for Friday! Thanks goodness Kacey provides an avenue for us to celebrate the 'random' in life. 

Here are 5 random things from my week.

1. Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper rice crackers. Hello my new love. Not to mention a cheddar cheese and earl grey hot tea accompaniment. Heaven at 4pm.

2. Praise the lord for grandmas. We ran out of foam sheets half way through a pinterest-inspired craft session. My mum does not live too far away and a quick phone call and she brought supplies to the rescue. 
Now..... there may or may not have been something urgent I had to cast my attention to - resulting in me handing over the craft reins to the expert. There also may or may not have been a trail of Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper crumbs to my desk...

If you feel crafty - and you have an 8 year old that likes to make cutie-pie homes for her 4000 stuffed toys, check out THIS pin!

3. My old love. Well, one of them. We finally got around to a husband-and-wife-date-night-thingy. First one in quite some time for us.  Was very relaxing and just what we needed. 

4. Old man koala having HIS afternoon tea. Head back, trying to reach the nicest leaf on the branch. Visiting this character has become a school vacation tradition for us, and he did not disappoint. 

5. New resource! I have a free sample page for you, from my new 'Build it Up: 1-30 Caterpillars" file. These will help your students with counting, numeral identification and writing numerals. 

Download a sample from Google Drive HERE

And click on the image below to find the full packet - it is on sale for a few days only!

Please head over to Doodle Bugs to find more 'Five for Friday' posts! 

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The Frog Pond


The Frog Pond is a printable game that is included in my Numbers to 20 Ultimate Pack 2

It is a game I used to sell on eBay and I have revised to include in my printable packets. 

It will help students understand the process of multiplication and guide them through the process of making equal groups and finding the total. The recording worksheet will introduce your students to the multiplication symbol in a supported format. 


 The Frog Pond is available individually now - click HERE to find it

It is also available in a bundle - click below to find it - along with 19 other games.

I would love you to head over to my clipart blog and join in my Ten Happy Days celebration - I have a flash freebie for you today!

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A little bit of zoo and a hullabaloo!

Hi friends!

I have been a little busy this week. And sorta lazy. In a busy-I-will-stay-in-my-PJs-to-midday kinda way.  

To tell the complete truth, I am being productive while I wait for my files to back up. 

I have a few files. 

And when I say 'a few' I mean half a million.

It is taking some time.

And then some. 

So, if I MUST have the computer switched on, I might as well be productive. 

I have made additions to some growing bundles I am building. Today I added a zoo themed reader and write the room.


I also made a zoo themed 'Let's Write' writing prompt. These are all available individually, however if you have the bundles - you can access them in your existing download link!

I am thrilled to finally scratch 'update plant log' from my to-do list. I have been wanting to do this for about a year and am so pleased with how the freshen-up panned out. 

Your students can participate in an in-class science experiment to watch their own seed grow. I suggest planting them on cotton in a clear plastic cup so they can observe and record the development of the plant. 

Their observational recording book is shaped like a cup - they will draw in exactly what they see each day!

And speaking of plants growing - let's talk ice-cream building.

Because they're related. 

I finished a fun new resource this week that has been brewing for a little while. My first graders LOVE changing one letter in a word to make a new one. We start off with one word and write a big long chain of words on the board as they all suggest ideas. It tends to keep going. And going. And going. Even hours later, they are still suggesting a word that will go next. 

It's the small things. 

'Build It Up: cvc Ice Creams' will help your students record such learning. This packet covers cvc words, and I have started another for more challenging words. 

Students trace each word, snip the scoops and then glue them in place. Too easy. And kinda cute.

Speaking of glue. I know - too true......

It's 'Cut and Glue Hullabaloo'! This new packet has been in the works for a few months. I have added a page or two each day. It is a nice simple resource full of practical cut-and-paste reversion worksheets. I like activities like these for fast finishers and table work.  The procedure for completing them is very straight-forward and students will not get into a pickle working on them independently. 

This first edition covers a range of basic kindergarten skills in a 'matching' format. 

You can try one for free today!

Grab it HERE at Google Drive

If you follow my clipart blog, you will know that I am currently celebrating a very special 10,000 followers on TpT. If you have missed out on the news, please head over and read all about it!

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Frog Stuff

We head back to school in just over a week (sigh).. and I will be helping to teach a unit of work on frogs. It got me thinking about some of the frog themed resources that I have made over the years.

Click on any of these images to find their location!

My recently revised 'Frog Hoppin' number sequence cards - these are great as 'write and wipe' cards. I also have used them in the past by asking students to write the entire sequence of each card, in their number book - using the card as a 'task card' of sorts. 

A 'Frog on a Log' reader that is great for positional language. 

Frog on a Log addition cards - great for introducing the 'counting-on' strategy. 

A fun and easy to prep subtraction game! 

And a 'cup frog' - using a painted paper cup!

If you like froggy themed resources as much as I do be sure to follow my dedicated Pinterest board!

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