Sunday, 22 March 2015

Classroom Art Tip - A Bright Idea

It's time for another Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

My idea is a simple one - keep your scraps of coloured paper. 

Sounds easy enough doesn't it?!

The trick is, to turn it into a regular classroom procedure, so it doesn't become a big thing to worry about or another teacher-job! Or a mess to clean up. 

Take some time to explain and teach your sweeties this procedure and ask them to do this at the end of every art/craft session. 

Firstly, create a place for your scraps. A plastic tub works well. Label it so that students can recognise it and understand that it is a part of their classroom and routines. 


When students have scraps from paper craft or art projects, teach them to recognize the pieces that are worth saving. Anything that is too fine or narrow can be scrunched up and put in the recycle-bin. Show them the two piles - 'good pile' and rubbish (trash). 


Now, show them how to 'chip' their usable scraps. 

Paper chips are small square or rectangle pieces. The technique of cutting them will help with fine motor skills and using them up will help make gorgeous artworks! 

You can use paper chips as they are and attach them to an artwork as a flat piece - or students can roll, twist, fold or cut them.

 Once you have chipped the scraps, add them to your tub. 

Let the collection begin!


Now, when you have a spare creative minute or two, simply get the tub out and let your students loose with it! It also comes in handy when you are working on an artwork with your students and each student may need just a small piece of coloured paper to add detail or features to their work. 

Digging around in the tub and securing a particular piece of paper will also assist with fine motor skills. 

Having chips available will save wasting additional large sheets of new paper and encourage students to understand the value of recycling and reusing their scraps. 

For more 'bright ideas' please peruse the collection of links at the end of my post. A fabulous bunch of teacher bloggers have prepared posts for you, featuring simple ideas that do not require purchases or downloads.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Five for Friday - An Orange Friday

It's Friday - and that means it is time for some weekly randomness. 

1. My Boys

I had to take this snap of my two favourite men early in the week. This is at the lake near where I live. I spent many days on this lake as a child. My dad would always say 'it's as calm as a pond today Mel' - and so, I always affectionately refer to it as 'the pond'.

2. Trains

Here is my sweetie having fun with the train set and blocks. I love making beautiful memories with him through the week. 

3. Teacher Eye Candy
I could look at this all day. My teacher friends will understand. That. Is. All. 

4. Laminating
What would a 5 for Friday be without a bit of lamination?! I prepped all the games from my new addition games packet today. Here is a peek.

5. Orange

Today (March 20) is our national day of action against bullying and violence. It provides for all our schools to say - Bullying. No way!

Many of our schools also took the opportunity to celebrate 'Harmony Day' - a day to celebrate our nation's rich cultural diversity. Our students wear orange clothing for the day and participate in activities to explore, appreciate and understand other cultures. 

I got an email yesterday, alerting me to a special campaign to raise awareness of bullying and violence. Bullying affects one quarter of our school students every day! I really wanted to help because bullying is something that as a teacher and parent, I deal with quite a lot. 

Buderim Ginger has launched the #GoGinger Challenge and are asking people to take a stand against bullying by snapping a selfie with a 'Tinge of Ginge' (anything from a ginger cat to a ginger wig) and posting it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (along with the hashtag #GoGinger and #BullyZero).

Buderim Ginger is going to donate to the anti-bullying charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation based on how many people participate in the challenge. This organisation works to provide support to victims of bullying and their families. You have until April 20th 2015 to show some support!

Please join me on Instagram and hashtag this worthy campaign!

In celebration of this very 'orange' day, I made some 'Ginger Kids' for you! They are exclusive to my blog followers and available via Google Drive. If you are new to my clipart, please familiarise yourself with the Terms of Use HERE

Download them from Google Drive HERE

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fun with cvc Words

These new 'Flip and Write' cards are easy to prep and loads of fun for students. 

Simply print the pages, trim the edges and fold each card in half. There are 30 cards, each with 4 cvc words. Once folded, you can leave as is, or laminate them. 

Students take a card from the pile and look at the 'word' side of the card. They must try to remember the spellings for each word - perhaps ask them to sound-out each word several times. 

They flip the card to reveal the pictures and use these as clues to help them write the words. Encourage them to sound-out once again. 

Students then take a new card and start the process once again. 

This new file is in my TpT store now and is on sale for a short time only. 

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Funday Sunday

Here in my house, we are trying to make Sundays a little more fun. Time for family and friends.

 In light of that, I thought a 'Funday Sunday' post would be perfect. The idea is to share five links to awesome things you have found on the internet through the week. Take out all the hard work, and simply share text links, so you can get back to your family and have more fun!

I LOVED this blog post on Chalk Talk!

One of my favourite pins for the week, is this rainbow art project idea. With St Patrick's Day fast approaching, I am going to start to prep this one!

3. Resource - St Patrick's Day Unit
My sweet friend Deanna revised her St Patrick's Day packet this week. I am going to snatch that one up while it is on sale!

I love these Lego birthday party ideas - especially the cakes!

5. Funny - A Teacher's Day
This is one for all the teachers and mothers!

Please also head over to Mrs Wills Kindergarten today to see her fabulous weekly plans and Sunday link ups! 

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Alphabet Writing Pages

What a week!? Was yours a little crazy too?

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have added the final file to my first Alphabet Bundle (Let's Have Fun with the Alphabet). If you have already purchased this special-price bundle, you can download the complete zip file now.

This is a 'writing papers' packet and will provide you with 26 different writing paper worksheets to motivate and encourage your students to write for fun! You can use them as part of your phonics program - or for a range of other themes and topics. 

The packet is also available separately in my TpT store:

Have a try and see how you like it! Click on the image below to download a sample from Google Drive. 

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