St Patrick's Day Printables

Need some fun printables for St Patrick's Day that will engage and motivate your little learners with solid education practice and skills? We have you covered!

Week of Writing - St Patrick's Day Theme

Our popular 'Week of Writing' printables are so easy to prep and provide you with a structure to support emergent writers across the week. Just print the pages and make each of your students a mini writing book. It has a focus on the sentence pattern "Where is the ... (gold/horseshoe/rainbow )" and by the last page scaffolds your writers to do some creative independent writing.

100 Chart Puzzle for Math

Help your little learners with position, sequence and order of numbers to 100 with our fun 100 chart puzzle! Versatile and easily differentiated, your learners will be begging to play this over and over again!

Rainbow Directed Drawing

Directed drawing allows young students to feel successful on their journey learning to draw and helps to motivate their writing. This pack has 7 different rainbow projects, perfect for March!

Free Pot of Gold Coloring Page

Hop back to this past blog post to find one of our earliest coloring page. 

Free Frog St Patrick's Day Coloring Page

Hop back to this past blog post to find this gorgeous frog coloring page!

Emergent Reader - Find the Gold

Your learners who are beginning their reading journey will love to read a little book they have made by cutting and pasting pictures to match the text on each page.

St Patrick's Day Write the Room

Students will get up and move around the classroom to read and write St Patric's Day words. Word, sentence and alphabetical order options are included to help with differentiation. 

Bulletin Boards and Doors for March

Use our Display in a Day and Banner Pack for a fast-prep and gorgeous way to create an inviting learning space. 

Shamrock Number Order Activity Cards

Print, cut and laminate the numeral strips. Ask your students to use dry erase markers to fill in the missing numbers!

St Patrick's Day No-Prep Printable Pack

This pack includes a range activities you can easily implement by printing one page. 

Addition and Subtraction Math Game

Students will add and subtract numbers in the range 1-6. They will develop an awareness of number patterns and develop strategies for solving problems, other than counting by 1s.

Included in the file are teaching tips, game instructions, a colorful game board (which will need to be laminated for each student, 12 game cards and a worksheet.

Thanks so much for stopping by - have a wonderful day!

FREE Spring Place Value and 2 Digit Numbers Center

Place value activities

I have had so much fun putting this packet of 8 center games together. I have used all the digital graphic skills I have been exploring and teaching myself to make our latest collection of math games super special. I loved being able to keep a theme and colour selection running through the collection. 

The centers are for students that are exploring numbers to 99 and particularly place value. I am aiming to have a few more Spring packets released sooon, that focus on other areas of maths and literacy. 

You can get this new packet over at TpT now by clicking on the image below:

I could not resist making one of the games totally FREE for you though - it is just one of the eight games that come in the packet. I hope you will find it useful - click on the image below to find it at TpT also.

Crazy Ladybugs - Revised Free Graphics

Today I spent some of Valentine's Day with my gorgeous little lady "Miss 4", who is so excited about the upcoming arrival of her baby sister or brother. She made me a gorgeous Valentine at preschool, and wrote "I love you Mum", it was very sweet. We talked about Valentine's Day and eventually played a game where we looked for as many red things that we could find in her toy room. We also settled on some lovely ladybug story books (and non-fiction) to read - as let's face it, I am all in favour of lying on the lounge with my ever-expanding feet and ankles elevated - and reading books to my sweetie is perfect when lying on the lounge. The Bad Tempered Ladybird was her favourite.

We made this giant Ladybug Tic-Tac-Toe game from a sheet of red card, and coloured paper. I run a preschool art class at my local church, and tomorrow we are playing this game ahead of making some individual smaller versions (see below). The lines were made with masking tape. My Miss 4 L-O-V-E-D winning at Tic-Tac-Toe and she beat me 4 games to 2!

Here is a little version of the Tic-Tac-Toe game that we will make tomorrow at art class. Hopefully the little-ones will have fun making their ladybug game and then playing the game with Mum or Dad.

I cut the red shape from a foam sheet and have used glitter glue to draw the lines, pipe cleaners to make the legs, and sticky googly eyes. I stuck everything down at the back with masking tape and then glued the entire ladybug to another sheet of foam. I am giving the little ones foam shapes (flowers and stars) to use as "counters" for the game, as they are inexpensive.

You Know You're A Teacher......

I must have around 300 - not kidding.

Sweet Little Luv Bug Card

A free Valentine’s Day craft

I have created this cute little card craft for Valentine's Day. 

You can download it for free HERE!

Make BIG LUV BUG first and use pipe cleaners to create heart-shaped antennas

After you have made a LITTLE LUV BUG, fold the arms, so that he is getting a lovely big Valentine's Day hug! This craft card would also be great for Mother's Day.

I have included coloured versions, as well as black and white. There are versions with "I Love Hugs" and plain ones as well!

I hope your little ones enjoy creating this card to give to a favourite friend or family member!


Hello blog friends - first let me say how excited I am - I just realised that we now have 328 followers! When did that happen - I have vague recollections at working hard to get to 100. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I appreciate each and every one of you! By the way, when I say "we", I am referring to my From the Pond partner husband Brett. He supports me so much - I find myself saying "we" all the time! He does a lot of cutting and laminating for me, and email correspondence on our eBay store. He is wonderful, and I admire how much he has supported me through this journey, right from when I explained why I was spending the first $77 to buy a laminator and some cardboard! Let's just say he doesn't ask anymore!

What have I been up to? LOTS! I have recently started some leave from teaching, to have our second baby. I brought home all of my personal teaching belongings as I am not quite sure what I will be doing when I return in August. So......11 years worth of resources takes up a little bit of space. I have it all stacked in the garage at the moment, as I just have to clean and sort through all of it before I pack it away.

Anyhow, I have started sorting through boxes and boxes of resources and laminated centers and games. I want them all organised in easy-to-lift file boxes. I had them in big boxes in the classroom, but found these smaller boxes at Big W recently, and they have a handle on the top. Much easier to lift, and I will be able to make each one specific for a strand of each subject. For example, I would like one for "Addition with Numbers Less then 10". They sit nicely in my garage cupboards and when I am back at work, I will be able to grab a suitable box when I am working with a specific small group of students.

The top shelf here shows some of what I have to sort, the second shelf, what I have done so far........the rest is on the garage floor...... o dear

I have also been sorting my daughter's toy cupboard. I want it to be easy for her and lovely little darlings that come to play with her - TO PACK AWAY! So, the labelled boxes have been a hit! Not only can she pack away faster, she is re-engaging with toys she had forgotten about. It is not finished, as you can see by the top shelf, but I will get there. One half of me is highly organised, and the other half of me likes to jump from job to job, so I always have a zillion things on the go!

Have a great day, I am back to some sorting..........

Friday Frog Spot Freebie!

Hello Friday! What a long week! So much is happening, and sadly my pond-erings have had to take a back seat. I am at the 35 week mark in my pregnancy, and baby is making his/her presence well and truly known! I am still amazed that soon I will have a new person in the house!

I have managed to work  on a few projects this week, and hope you like this freebie - a set of border/frames to use in your teaching documents. Please make sure you read the Terms of Use carefully, and add a credit within your actual document to us. Thanks so much for acknowledging our hard work!

 Click HERE to find them at TpT