Hello blog friends - first let me say how excited I am - I just realised that we now have 328 followers! When did that happen - I have vague recollections at working hard to get to 100. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I appreciate each and every one of you! By the way, when I say "we", I am referring to my From the Pond partner husband Brett. He supports me so much - I find myself saying "we" all the time! He does a lot of cutting and laminating for me, and email correspondence on our eBay store. He is wonderful, and I admire how much he has supported me through this journey, right from when I explained why I was spending the first $77 to buy a laminator and some cardboard! Let's just say he doesn't ask anymore!

What have I been up to? LOTS! I have recently started some leave from teaching, to have our second baby. I brought home all of my personal teaching belongings as I am not quite sure what I will be doing when I return in August. So......11 years worth of resources takes up a little bit of space. I have it all stacked in the garage at the moment, as I just have to clean and sort through all of it before I pack it away (I learnt that after my first lots of mat leave........grubby Kindergarten hands, leave grubby, sometime invisible marks on things, and then those grubby little marks sometimes grow......a wonderful scientific experiment in bacteria and mould I presume).

Anyhow, I have started sorting through boxes and boxes of resources and laminated centers and games. I want them all organised in easy-to-lift file boxes. I had them in big boxes in the classroom, but found these smaller boxes at Big W recently, and they have a handle on the top. Much easier to lift, and I will be able to make each one specific for a strand of each subject. For example, I would like one for "Addition with Numbers Less then 10". They sit nicely in my garage cupboards and when I am back at work, I will be able to grab a suitable box when I am working with a specific small group of students.

The top shelf here shows some of what I have to sort, the second shelf, what I have done so far........the rest is on the garage floor...... o dear

I have also been sorting my daughter's toy cupboard. I want it to be easy for her and lovely little darlings that come to play with her - TO PACK AWAY! So, the labelled boxes have been a hit! Not only can she pack away faster, she is re-engaging with toys she had forgotten about. It is not finished, as you can see by the top shelf, but I will get there. One half of me is highly organised, and the other half of me likes to jump from job to job, so I always have a zillion things on the go!


Have a great day, I am back to some sorting..........

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