Bump Addition Games

Do you love number games in the classroom as much as me? I have used BUMP games for a long time and students LOVE them! I have a great big book full that were made a few decades ago, but they are starting to look a bit shabby.

I made a resource that is full of interactive worksheets for your students to play as a twist on traditional BUMP! They will jump and bump all over these worksheets as they practice essential skills in addition!

Two students team up to play one worksheet game. Once they have solved an addition problem (by spinning or rolling a number) - they colour in the outside of a square to claim it!

Another player (or the same player) can win the square by colouring the inner square and 'bumping' the other player off!

At the end of play, students can total how many inner squares they shaded to determine a winner!

You can find 34 of these fun worksheets in this packet,

And I would LOVE you to try a FREE sample, find it right here on the blog - Addition to 20 Bump Game Freebie